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Why did you decide to move to UAE?

Well, there are so many factors which didn't let me stop thinking longer about the idea of being a resident of UAE after my first arrival to this magical land and spend half of my life here.

Being curious enough by nature, the opportunity of living among 200 different nationalities which broaden my mind and non stop sunny weather (where 5 months a year quite chilly in UAE, while worldwide is freezing and the rest of the time with well-managed infrastructure - you don't feel hot enough) initially, was driving me mad. 


What has inspired you to open your first Well-Being Centre/Beauty Academy?

Well-noted... Dubai has enormous opportunities, though,I bet we are all aware of our strongest points which can bring us to the stars and even above them, especially in such a dynamic city. Thus my decision was never like out of the blue.

Being raised in Russia where I would give the second name of this country as a “Beauty” the choice for a female profession is quite easy as you always know there are no better existing educational programs in beauty field, level and quantity of Beauty Institutes with the strongest masters as in Russia. It is well-known that the Top Masters worldwide in Nail, Eyelash care and Permanent Make-Up industry are Russian speaking Nationalities by statistic.

It is a constant question to me - “Why the Russians do it better than the others?”. 

I have given it some thoughts and observed for long lasting years of teaching students of different nationalities and it seems to me that I found the answer.

Russian speaking nationalities are very responsible and patient, rarely giving up. As example in the field of Permanent Make Up where there are many ins and outs-easy to make a mistake on the first stage, weak ones (8 from 10-statistic) stop it, the determined ones who can tolerate the critical mistakes with the skin raise and advance themselves. From the childhood the young girls must take care of themselves and are taught by parents not to go out with disheveled hair outdoor even to the neighborhood store, the nails are your face etc...

There was no doubt in choice of my profession, where I can be a leader with such a fundament. Besides that I always felt being creative enough.

«If your mission statement doesn't change ,you risk not being relevant anymore».

Naturopathy Touch

At NATUROPATHY TOUCH WELL-BEING CENTER, we provide numerous services aiming at improving your looks and health. From waxing, facial, manicure, pedicure to acne treatment

TV interview with Top Master & Owner Renano Academy Dubai - Medyanyk Kateryna - Successful Story

«My very first childhood dream was to become an actress in Hollywood»

How did you manage to run a successful Well-Being Centre business in a changing Dubai environment for 11 years?

I am a strong believer that from the lemon we always can squeeze a lemonade, each of us is able to find a plan B if A doesn t work, if you indeed a confidence in yourself and what you deal with, shortly say “The Hard work always beats the talent when the talent doesn't t work hard”.

Being flexible and patient enough where required is one of the treasure key to any achievements.

What's the reason of your success? How do you differentiate your business from other similar ones?

To be the head and shoulders above others in such a field is quite easy as soon as you do it differently and know your audience with it’s fast-moving demand. In terms of Beauty Academy we are only one in all Middle East who provides the longest terms courses which is extremely important especially in detailed work when it comes to skin, that’s how students from allover the world travel far for education. The second strongest point is that we practice maximum indoor of our place minimizing time on lectures,t he lectures are readable by students by correspondent way not wasting time on it during our practical lessons where before joining the class our students have access to the craftmaster online for any questions or to correct their mistakes to avoid them on practical part and go further...

The top Russians masters who are the strongest teachers as mentioned above.

Unlimited support after course to the student on any of their questions/challenges.

Limited quantity of seats per group in order to be able to focus on each individually.

Last but not the least, I don t know any beauty academy in UAE or nearest countries who provide the Advanced courses for Masters who have been already worked in this field couple of years (there are only for beginners allover) and wish to advance their skills more.

In terms of the sister company as our Rehabilitation Centres we have all services “under one roof” from head to toes for families as we serve kids, male and female guests.

Our guests don’t need to waste their treasure time to go first to the beauty salon or gents then to go mile away for Tan to the nearest neighborhood tan studio and move to other shop for A Slim procedure or the Spa, it’s everything here in one place and our doors are opened for them with plenty of existing VIP unlimited packages as well.

Dubai People Business Meeting

Dubai - the land of hope

Are you planning to expand?

Non-stop till the last breath much wider exceptionally in the beauty sector. I highly believe when people concentrate on something particular and don't spread their energy here and there on different fields then successful road is guaranteed.

Is it difficult to be a successful business lady in Dubai?

Dubai is extremely supportive country for emigrants in terms of any new innovations, interesting ideas, either you are male or female potential entrepreneur, without any difference. 

What's your favourite part about your work?

To be surrounded by students from different countries who are willing so passionately to absorb knowledge as sponges and get endless positive vibes from them which give me more energy to create and share.

What's your target for the next 5 years?

Production of the Book and Film in Beauty industry collaborating with all collegues/moguls in this industry.

What do you like about Dubai?

Simplicity. ”Simple is the best”

What’s your life mission?

If your mission statement doesn't change ,you risk not being relevant anymore.

Your childhood dream?

To get the star from the sky with a supportive ladder.

Your favourite book or a movie?

Donald Trump “Think like a champion” 

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Igor Sergeev

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