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Nicolas Brochet

Nicolas Brochet is an entrepreneur and a renowned media figure. He has worked with numerous high-end hospitality projects that include various night clubs, hotels, restaurants and events. He has established international festivals like ‘The International Tunis Film Festival’ and his most recent ‘The International Fashion Music Art Festival’. He has also worked with many well-known brands like Louis Vuitton, Dior, Zuhair Murad, Emilio Pucci, Cartier and Mercedes-Benz.

Tell us about yourself!

My parents gave me the best things a parent could give to a child, that is love and value. And when I lost them when I was 20 years old, my best friend became my only family. Though it has always been my thing to make parties and feasts for people around me, oddly, it was that exact time when I came up with the idea of hospitality and decided to make it my lifetime business. 

I’m a luxury gipsy and I like to discover new places, new flavors, new sensations as it always gives me new ideas to put in my new projects.

"To work with the most prestigious brands you need to be dedicated at maximum capacity, with 150% commitment"

                                      Nicolas Brochet

He was raised by outgoing, loving, and positive parents who at a young age taught him how to be and attract admirable company. In the wake of losing both parents at 20-years-old, Brochet felt a deep intrigue to create entertainment and let-loose atmospheres. The entrepreneur comprehended the importance of creating unforgettable moments surrounded by elating vitality.

What inspired you to work with hospitality projects?

My answer would be – Chercher ce que veux la femme. The Woman is the answer. Women has always been my greatest and most powerful inspiration. I always do my projects, restaurant, clubs, hotels, with a view of making women happy, satisfied and enchanted by a beautiful atmosphere, exquisite ambiance, dazzling light and staggering glamour. Because the success of any place and any endeavor, a restaurant or a club, is directly dependent on how much women adore your place. If you managed to catch a women’s interest and touch their hearts, then you’ve won and get immediate success.

How is it like working with various luxury brands?

The best experience I learned working with haute couture luxury brands, is that you receive an amazing opportunity to work with geniuses and outstanding artists. You learn from them the details, all the precision, dedication, commitment and cooperation on maximum possible level.

As an entrepreneur and a luxury brand consultant, what motivates you?

To work with the most prestigious brands you need to be dedicated at maximum capacity, with 150% commitment. Always examining your work, motivation and your passion. Such cooperation motivates you a great deal to become better and better and as a result it brings you on the TOP.

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What can you tell us about your plans?

Definitely, most of my future projects will be in my home, my place of power – UAE, because I feel so happy in this amazing country. My new projects will involve new diverse events, hospitality and finance

What advice are you remembering to keep yourself going?

Always follow your dreams and live your life like a dream, generously sharing happiness, passion and love as I believe in the simple law of the Universe - the more you give with a pure heart, the more you get in return. May all your days be merry and all your dreams come true!

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