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Igor is the owner of many successful International business projects. He has 10 years of experience in marketing, event management and media. He’s a founder of the Quality Standard holding which owns such projects as Dubai People, Quality Standard PR company, BigUAEgiveaway, Domino magazine and official partner Chic Icon magazine.

Out and About STYLE Magazine

If you want to start a new business, get inspiration from our special guest in our exclusive interview with Igor Sergeev, prominent businessman and founder of the Dubai People, an exclusive business club in the UAE.

• Dubai People is our new platform,

that we proud to present on the eve of Expo 2020! The project aims the development of business relationships among top businessmen, authorities, cultural figures and international companies within the UAE.

Marsha Fry


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What's your superpower?

Endurance to overcome difficulties and hardships, strength to help continue the fight and resilience in everything that may come in my way.

There is no secret at all. We love what we do, we always take care about customers and doing our best to make them leave the salon absolutely happy and satisfied with the services we provide.

Magnet Entertainment is a very well known and growing Entertainment company with the high class of services and excellent reputation in the Middle East market.


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Юлия Ким

Дизайнер женской одежды

Придумывает женские коллекции, создает нежные и удобные вещи, уделяет много внимания тканям и цвету.

Каролина Олина

Директор по развитию бренда

Отвечает за продвижение марки, организовывает фотосессии, следит за новостями и веяниями моды. 

Елена Белая

Дизайнер мужской одежды

Разрабатывает мужские коллекции, учитывает современные тренды, предпочитает классику и четкие силуэты.

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Business meetings with Dubai People members

• During it’s first year, the project will include only 100 successful professionals, who don’t see any limitations, but only opportunities, who want to be always the first ones and who glad to make their country better and wealthier.

• One may become a member of Dubai People strongly by recommendation and invitation of founder and members.