Sasha Ray


For how long do you live in Dubai? Do you like it?

It’s been already 6 years of living here non stop, yet I also lived here for another 7 months when I was a student and was doing my internship here, so in total it’s good 6,5 years. Dubai is both love and hate, to be honest - love is because of the weather, the comfort of living, the huge choice of everything, the mix of cultures and many many opportunities. Hate is because like in every big city it is difficult to make real genuine relationships with people, and once you do - most likely the dearest people will leave the country one day, as most of the people here are quite temporary. 

I also miss nature and culture here, so whenever I have a chance I try to travel to Europe to fulfill my needs.

What’s your life mission? 

To change the world with kindness

                        Sasha Ray 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a famous influencer?

Well, the biggest advantage for me is the opportunity to meet lots of successful people from absolutely different industries and work with different amazing brands. The main disadvantage for me is that still a lot of people tend to judge you based on your social media, which is absolutely wrong and I never show the whole picture of my life there.

How did you become a singer?

It was a long time ago, when one of my university friends was working with our famous producer back in the days. He was searching for the new project at that time and she offered me to try. It has been my old dream and of course I agreed. I came to his studio and he wrote the first song for me. That’s how it all begun.

Are you planning to give any concerts in UAE?

No, not really, I keep my music as my professional hobby for the past years, not as my main occupation, plus my audience is in Ukraine and Russia as I mostly record songs in our languages.

Do you have any charity projects or social oriented ones?

From time to time I do support different charity projects, yet I don’t have any of my own ones yet.

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You used to have a very successful restaurant in Dubai. What's the story of this project?

Yes it was my dream business, and I put all my energy and best years in it, but unfortunately there’s always another side of the story. I was unlucky with my business partner and I had to quit the business. However I believe that everything happens for the best, it has been the most stressful time of my life and I am happy it is over. I think I have to write at least an article now to warn people before entering any business relationships here in Dubai - there are too many things that are invisible at first sight.

What inspires you in life and business?

I get inspired from traveling, exploring new places and meeting new people.

Your business plans for the next 5 years?

I do have so many plans and ideas in my head, yet I would like to keep it to myself until it starts coming into life.

Who's your role model?


Your childhood dream?

To travel all around the world

What's your secret power?


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