Who We Are

Sophisticated and intellectual Dubai People is a UAE based portal with a distinctly local voice. Our network of writers and editors capture all sides of our city from best things to do, the trendiest restaurants, top destinations, latest news, and smartest people. We take you inside the lives of Dubai’s most dynamic business leaders from entrepreneurs to innovators and influencers that are shaping Dubai’s business culture forward.

Igor Sergeev

Igor Sergeev Founder & Editor in Chief

Innovator and successful businessman, with ten years background in events organization, international PR campaigns and magazines publishing; Igor Sergeev is a well-known media entrepreneur in the UAE. Visionary marketing professional who transformed the UAE social media scene by introducing a ground-breaking SMM business growth strategy based on Influencer marketing the “Big UAE Giveaway”.


Experienced in all aspect of magazine publishing and distribution, Igor launched Dubai People project with a vision of establishing a local portal which focuses on showcasing Dubai as a regional business hub as well as covering the latest news in UAE lifestyle, events and prominent individuals.