A Haven of Art & Beauty at Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona

Standing in the heart of Barcelona’s art scene,  Majestic Hotel & Spa has always been a space of art and beauty, dedicating its monumental structure as a setting for both established and new artists to share their creations with travelers, immersing them into a world of modern and classic interpretations of the human soul and its understanding of the world around it.

Since its opening, the hotel served as an exhibition for the owning family’s art collection, which included paintings, furniture, vases and carpets, signed by many of the most prominent artists from the previous century including Picasso and Miró, creating an artistic identity which carved the vision to establish the hotel as one of the city’s most prominent art advocates and promoters, sharing it with tens of thousands of guests and art enthusiasts each year.

In 1996, the hotel became the first hotel in Spain to hold an art fair, organized by Associació Art Barcelona where both national and international galleries displayed a collection of paintings by young or relatively unknown artists in 60 rooms. Within four days, the exhibition was visited by ten thousand people, making it a successful event. The hotel hosted a second edition of the fair in 1997 before its renovation, it took place in four floors and was visited by eleven thousand people in three days, with many established artists donating their work to the charity. These exhibitions have helped promote the hotel’s reputation as a gateway to Barcelona’s artistic heritage among worldwide travelers.

Staying at  Majestic Hotel & Spa is an experience that exceeds the traditional accommodation stay, it’s a bridge linking between travelers and the history, culture and heritage of the city, combined with an internationally renowned hospitality services provided with immaculate care and attention to create an unforgettable experience for everyone.