Interview with Kateryna Medyanyk Entrepreneur and Founder of Naturopaty Touch and Re NATO Academy

What made you decide to move to the UAE?

There are so many factors and advantages of living in the UAE, that from the day of my first arrival in this magical country, I didn’t stop for a minute to think about moving here. I am a curious person by nature and the idea of living in a metropolitan city with more than 200 different nationalities, 365 days a year sunny weather and a great infrastructure were the major factors which contributed to my decision to move.

What has inspired you to open your first Well-Being Centre / Beauty Academy?

Dubai is a dynamic city with many great opportunities; thus, I took my decision very carefully in terms of business startup. Since I was raised in Russia and the beauty industry is very strong there, it was easy to make a choice regarding my profession and business direction. It is well known that the best beauty specialists are from Russia for nails, permanent make up and hair care.

How did you manage to run a successful well-being business in ever changing Dubai environment for 11 years?

I have always been a strong believer in a saying that: “if life gives you lemons make a lemonade” all of us can always find a plan B if plan A didn’t work out, all you need to do is to be confident in yourself an in your business concept, being patient and flexible were one of my key success factors.

Kateryna Medyanyk

What are the reasons behind your success? How do you differentiate your business from others in the beauty industry?

It is easy to get ahead in this industry if you know your target audience and meet their demand. In regard to the Beauty Academy we are the only once currently  in the Middle East who can provide long- term specialized beauty courses, which is very important especially since we cover such subjects as skin treatments, which are very detailed. We have the best Russian beauty specialists who work with our students as well as we tend to minimize the time that students spend on listening to lectures and maximize the practical aspect of the course which is by far more beneficial. In addition we offer unlimited support for our students when it comes to course materials or any questions which they might have, our student groups are quite small and limited in numbers of attendants so we can dedicate more time for an individual approach. Furthermore I don’t know any beauty academy in the Middle East who offer advanced beauty courses for the established beauty professionals who have been working in the industry for few years, majority of academies offer only courses for beginners level.

Regarding our Rehabilitation Centers we provide “all services under one roof” for the whole family, our services range from grooming treatments for men, to tanning and weigh loss procedures, we also have great offers for VIP packages.

Are you planning to expand your business?

Yes defiantly, I strongly believe that when you concentrate on one project and don’t waste your energy running here and there then success is guaranteed.

Is it difficult to be a successful female entrepreneur in Dubai?

Dubai is extremely supportive country for its residents, in terms of  new ideas,  innovations, interesting ideas and business startups,  if you are a female entrepreneur it doesn’t make much difference.

What is favorite part of your work?

To be constantly surrounded by students from different countries who are willing to learn from me and my experience, I get endless positive vibes from them which gives me energy to create and share.

What are your goals for the next 5 years?

I would love to publish a book and release a film with a focus on the beauty industry in collaboration with major brands.

What do you like most about Dubai?

Simplicity. “Less is always more”

What is your mission in life?

If your mission statement doesn’t change, you risk being irrelevant.

What is your childhood dream?

To get the star from the sky

What is your favorite book or a movie?

Donald Trump “Think like a champion”