The International Women’s Forum in Dubai

This autumn in Dubai is truly incredible! The concentration of cool events and successful people from all over the world is off the charts!
Today, 26 November, The Address Marina Hotel hosted another great event for all emerging, successful women who understand the value of a strong environment and are willing to invest in their development.

The International Women’s Forum

The International Women’s Forum & UWILL Awards is a global event, organized by the international UWILL GLOBAL community which unites successful Russian-speaking women from 46 countries.

The International Women’s Forum

Top speakers in the fields of business, marketing and psychology, such as Julia Rodochinskaya, Maria Bruce, Vladislav Bermuda, Igor Sivov, Lena Latysh spoke at the business forum. Of course, Dubai People editor-in-chief Igor Sergeev couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend the event and talk to them in person.
The first person he spoke to was Julia Rodochinskaya, founder of the Institute of Online Professions and a well-known personality in the field of Instagram marketing.

Julia, what do you need to pay attention to when promoting a personal brand for an expert?

If we talk about personal brand of the expert, of course, offline activities strengthen online, so the work should be done in parallel. You need to work on the number of followers, audience loyalty, collect cases and feedback on existing clients and develop offline stories in parallel, including media,
TV, magazines, participation in offline conferences. Because when a person speaks, online followers have a completely different attitude to it.

Julia Rodochinskaya and Igor Sergeev

The next person Igor talked to was Maria Bruce, a psychologist and the author of the methodology for managing the internal state of a person.

Maria, why are you here today?

I was speaking at the International Women’s Forum today to share with girls the resource state of their self-love, to direct their attention to their value and importance to themselves no matter what.

Maria Bruce

UWILL co-founder Julia Titova was glad to share her thoughts as well.

Julia, what is the main idea of this Forum?

UWILL is a place of strength and development for Russian-speaking women around the world. And this forum today brings together incredible, successful, motivated Russian-speaking women with similar values to strengthen each other, exchange contacts, make connections, get energised, develop and move towards their goals together.

What is this forum for you personally?

My mission is to bring people and businesses together for personal and business development. This is what inspires, ignites and motivates me. My main drive is when people unite, companies unite, and successful collaborations take place. I love everything I do and the miracles that happen in our UWILL community.

Julia Titova

Forum participant and partner Alina Gilmanova commented on the event:

I really enjoyed the forum. I’m excited about this kind of women’s community in Dubai. I love developing, I am constantly learning and I was really impressed by the speakers. It was especially nice for me to see Igor Sivov because I know both how he works on parenting and how he approaches everything intelligently. We are on the same wavelength. I was pleased to see so many business women from different parts of the world, and even men (laughs). We are happy to be partners in the event. This is our first such experience and we are happy to have it with UWILL.

Alina Gilmanova

This forum is an international networking forum where you can acquire promising international contacts to build partnerships. It is an investment in your education, self-development and business development.
The International Women’s Forum is over, but the UWILL Awards evening event is just getting started. A gala dinner awaits all participants: the annual ceremony to recognize the brilliant UWILL female participants, the show programme and a sumptuous dinner in stunning surroundings.
Read more from the UWILL Awards in our next article.

photo by Yana Atlasova

Yulia Podgornya
Ufa Lapaeva
Igor Sergeev and Anna Chistopolova
Igor Sivov
Vladislav Bermuda
Lena Latysh
Julia Titova and Kateryna Burceva