UWILL Awards is an annual award ceremony for the brilliant UWILL participants

November 26, the Address Marina Hotel hosted one of the brightest events of this fall, UWILL Awards, where the most successful women in different categories were recognized.

UWILL participants

UWILL Awards is an annual award ceremony for the brilliant UWILL participants, a show program and a magnificent dinner in a stunning environment.
Dubai People editor-in-chief Igor Sergeev also visited this luxurious event and talked to the participants.

Igor Sergeev, Igor Sivov

Igor Sivov is a researcher, businessman, and father of three. He managed to make all the people in the room stand up, take off their shoes and dance with his speech at the forum.

How do you feel about the event in general?

When you give a lot, you get a lot. You saw me alone, and I saw more than 150 people in front of me. Now I’m just ready to lift this hotel – so much energy I have.

When a person burns out and has the feeling that he’s not in the right place, he wants something new. Where should this person start? What could be the starting point?

When you feel like there is something wrong in your life, when you feel some discomfort, you need to realize that there is a huge resource in that discomfort. The greatest resource is when we pull on the slingshot and fly out. So when you feel really bad, that’s where the biggest resource is.

What are your plans now? Will you stay in Dubai for a long time?
Yes, my wife and I aren’t planning on going anywhere for the time being, as we’re about to have a new addition to the family.

Igor’s speech was very energetic, he ran on stage to the music and everyone started to dance and jump with him.
Also during his speech, Igor asked the audience to give his regards to his wife Nyusha for a round of applause, as he will soon become a father again.

From the whole editorial board we wish the married couple happiness and good luck!

The invited guest, Russian singer and radio host Irakli Pirtskhalava, also answered some questions.

Irakli Pirtskhalava, Igor Sergeev

Irakli, do you ever have a burnout state? If so, how do you cope with it?

No, I never had a burnout state. I had fatigue. To cope with it, it is important for me to relax at home or in nature with my family. That’s when I’m recharged, filled with love, and can go again to reach the next aim in the show business.

Later that night, during his performance in Zroom club, Irakli mentioned the popular singer Morgenshtern several times and even said: “Let’s not forget that you are not at a Morgenstern concert today, so we all remember to respect each other and respect our parents. That’s what my next song will be about.” Our editorial team is very interested to know more about the relationship between Irakli and Morgenshtern and we will definitely ask Irakli about it the next time we meet.

Igor Sergeev, Natalia Kapchuk
Natalia Kapchuk

Artist and philanthropist Natalia Kapchuk received the UWILL Award in the Contribution to Art nomination.

It was a really amazing and fun night and I’ve been very blessed to get an Award in Contribution to Art which was granted to me by Michael Adam. I’ve been working for Fasion TV 10 years ago and it was great that a presentative of Fasion TV gave me this Award. Thank you UWILL for this opportunity. Another surprise of the night was that I won a trip to Baikal. And I am going to this trip on February. It was always my dream to go to this beautiful place and this dream will come true thanks to UWILLt

Sasha Ray

Sasha Ray also commented on the event.

I am very pleasantly surprised at how much UWILL has grown since they opened in Dubai. How in one year they managed to gather a really cool audience, a lot of new interesting personalities and speakers. I think it’s just an awesome success, considering that a year is not that long. I would like to wish them even more success in the future

Aigul Kuptsova, Darina Mayorova (awarded by Vladislav Bermuda)
Aigul Kuptsova, Darina Mayorova (awarded by Vladislav Bermuda)

Winners in the nominations:
The best speaker of the year – Yulia Rodochinskaya (awarded by Yulia Titova)
Audience Choice Award – Julia Korchagina ( awarded by Elena Loginova)
Successful collaboration – Aigul Kuptsova, Darina Mayorova (awarded by Vladislav Bermuda)
Contribution to Art – Natalya Kapchuk (awarded by Michelle Adam FTV)
The best business mom – Anna Buzhinskaya (awarded by Ekaterina Burtseva)
Contribution to fashion industry – Sofia Ariichuk, Nina Lapshev (awarded by Victoria Marco Luxury magazine)
Contribution to child development – Aigul Kuptsova (presented by Alina Gilmanova)
Successful case of the year – Maria Odegbili (awarded by Irina Sychev)
Contribution to UWILL community 5 – Anna Buzhinskaya, Anna Romashova, Svetlana Pyrina, Yulia Hart, Anna Grigorieva (awarded by Yulia Titova and Ekaterina Burtseva)

Evan Klassen, Antonio Rubel
Igor Sivov
Michelle Adam
Irakli Pirtskhalava, Renat Mansurov
Michelle Sakovich
Guzel Dilmukhametova, Azat Dilmukhametov
Irina Sychev
Julia Titova, Kateryna Burceva
Alina Gilmanova
UWILL participants