Ukraine Export Promotion Days

November 23, there was an official Welcome Reception at the National Pavilion of Ukraine at the World Expo 2020. The event was organized by the CEO Club Ukraine as part of the “Ukraine Export Promotion Days”.
It was attended by Andrei Gorokhov, CEO of UMG Investments, Tatiana Popovich, director of capital markets at Alfa Bank, Maxim Koretsky, CEO of Blackshield Capital, Sergey Martynchuk, regional manager of Cisco, Andrei Burtsev, CEO of Interpipe Middle East and Julia Kiryanova, CEO of Smart Holding.

More than 40 Club Ukraine CEOs, owners and managers of big businesses from various sectors of economy took part in the event.
Gennady Chizhikov, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, presented the potential trade interest of Ukraine to the UAE. On the other hand, companies from the UAE visited the event to learn more about possible cooperation opportunities with Ukrainian businesses.
Ukrainian government officials also joined the event. Among the participants there were Nick Doroshenko, Chairman of the Ukrainian Business Council in the UAE, Alina Shishkina, Director of the Department of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, and Pavel Domashnev, Vice-Consul of the Ukrainian Consulate in Dubai.

Dubai People editor-in-chief Igor Sergeev has also attended the event, talked to the guests and got to know their impressions of the event and their plans for the future in Dubai.
Tamara Lobzina CEO Iclub Global commented the event

– Iclub Dubai presented Networking event together with CEO Club Ukraine at the Ukrainian pavilion within Dubai Expo 2020. We were very happy to participate and support Ukrainian business in the Emirates.

Tamara Lobzina

Co-founder Young business club Dubai Aleksey Nakaznyi has talked to us as well

Young business club Dubai is very pleased to welcome CEO Club Ukraine to Dubai, as we are friendly organizations. We love the fact that we can interact globally. The most important feature of Dubai is that there are huge opportunities here. It attracts the biggest businessmen, and we all meet in one place, in Dubai. Especially now when Expo 2020 is taking place, it is even easier and simpler. It’s very easy to talk to big business people, which is very energizing. We are ready to help because we want to develop entrepreneurship around the world and it’s very cool that Ukrainians founded the club. As for our activities in Dubai: we’ve been open for 8 months and now we have 80 active members who get a lot of value from the club. There are already some joint projects, such as Coffee Roasters chain, which was created with the help of 5 teammates who met in our club. These are the first steps towards large companies to be created at Young Business Club Dubai. The most important thing is that there is trust and support in our club and together we will come to something big – not only to business, but also to some social programs both in Dubai and all over the world.

Aleksey Nakaznyi

Ukrainian producer, co-founder of MOZGI Entertainment, co-founder and CEO of MOZGI GROUP, businesswoman and speaker Irina Gorovaya has answered a few questions for us.

What did you enjoy about Expo 2021?

This year we were able to visit Expo 2020 as part of a visit to Dubai by members of the CEO club. It is a grand exhibition on a global scale, presenting the best technological inventions of mankind.

I got a lot of impressions, emotions and insights. The Dubai pavilion amazed me with its conceptuality and integrity, Saudi Arabia with its internal content and history, Japan with its technological effectiveness, America with its expected pride in its country, and of course Ukraine which was exhibited for the first time this year.

Please comment on the CEO event.

We had a particularly warm reception for the guests of the pavilion. Such meetings are an invaluable opportunity to discuss new technologies, possible ways of development, partnerships and interesting collaborations.

Do you plan to develop your business in the Emirates?

Our company MOZGI Group also plans to enter the UAE market and introduce our artists, marketing solutions and technology projects based on blockchain, and in particular the NFT-game IDOLLS, created in cooperation with the marketplace SpaceSeven and Mozgi Group.

I would like to thank our partners and friends for the warm welcome and excellent organisation of the evening!

Irina Gorovaya, Igor Sergeev

Our editorial team is always happy to support such events. We are in favour of development and networking. We are looking forward to more events from this partner impatiently.