Christmas Eve with Valery Meladze BIG ART Festival!

January 04, 20:00, Burj Al Arab Dubai
On January 4th the legendary Burj Al Arab, the only seven star hotel in the world, will be hosting an exclusive Christmas event called BIG ART FESTIVAL

The magical celebration will take place in the incredible atmosphere of the unique Burj Al Arab, a hotel that has become the symbol of luxury and luxe the world over.

On the red carpet of BIG ART FESTIVAL you will
Meet world celebrities, style icons and business elite.

Maxim Berin (event organizer)

An exclusive menu from top chefs will impress our guests. Our gastronomic perfection was created especially for Christmas Eve.

The highlight of the evening will be a unique performance by Russia’s famous singer, Valery Meladze.

His lyrical ballads and famous hits are well known for everyone, his charisma and unique vocal are recognizable from the first notes, his performances always give the audience an incredible experience and amazing emotions.
It is difficult to list all the golden hits of Valery Meladze – there are dozens of them. “Samba belogo motylka”, “Prityagenia bolshe net”, “Tequila Love”, “Salute, Vera”, “Heaven”, and of course “The Night Before Christmas”.
On this magical evening, guests will be able to hear these and many other favourite songs performed live, exclusively and specially for BIG ART FESTIVAL.

Valery Meladze Photo: Instagram @meladzevalerian

The Big Art Festival programme has many surprises! Star presenter Alexander Belov will be responsible for this exclusive evening. VIP parties and large-scale weddings have been held with Alexander’s performances on the stage. Each time he gives guests an elegant and festive atmosphere. The Best Wedding Presenter of 2017 and a guest at global events, this popular showman has been one of Russia’s most popular entertainers for several years now.

The festivities continue with a set by DJ Irina Kant – guests will be dancing to the most popular tracks.
Join in the extravaganza BIG ART FESTIVAL.This evening the atmosphere of elitism and style will surpass all your expectations!

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