‘Dubai Soul – Cultural Experiences’ project launched

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, in collaboration with e-hailing service Hala, has announced the launch of “Soul of Dubai – Cultural Experiences”, which is a storytelling experience of the emirate’s cultural and artistic attractions for residents and visitors to the city. The project was launched as part of Dubai Culture’s efforts to boost the citywide #DubaiDestinations initiative to showcase the emirate’s offerings.

The ‘Soul of Dubai – Cultural Experiences’ project will bring together the creative media community to shed light on Dubai’s rich culture and encourage residents and visitors to experience cultural attractions and authentic traditions. In the first phase of the project, Hala, a joint venture between the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority and Careem, will promote various unique cultural experiences in Dubai through various channels. Smart screens inside ‘Hala’ taxis will broadcast videos presented by Dubai Culture, with engaging content about the various experiences passengers can have in the emirate: fashion, music, art, food, heritage, literature and performing arts. The videos, which will be shown throughout the passenger journey, will feature creative personalities and authorities in various disciplines who have experienced the cultural and artistic elements of Dubai.

The project reflects the city’s rapid growth and showcases its cultural richness, unique identity and distinctive heritage. It is also part of the Authority’s efforts to realise its cultural vision to strengthen the emirate’s position as a global cultural hub, an incubator of creativity and a thriving centre for talent.

“The Soul of Dubai – Cultural Experiences project was developed based on research into global travel market industry trends. The survey revealed that while 74% of travellers plan to go on holiday this year, they will choose their destinations carefully. Furthermore, cultural experiences are at the top of the list of preferred experiences at 58%, so we are investing in innovative platforms to celebrate our rich cultural and heritage treasures and ensure that cultural experiences are accessible to everyone, everywhere. This will inspire UAE citizens and residents and attract the largest number of visitors to the emirate, which will further develop the cultural tourism and hospitality sector and benefit GDP. There will also be jobs for the guides, creators and influencers in the emirate involved in the project,” said Hala Badri, Director General of Dubai Culture.

Based on the results of the first phase, the content will be gradually rolled out across the ‘Hala’ fleet. The content and cultural opportunities listed in the ‘Discover’ section on the smart screens will be regularly updated on all rides. Selected influencers for each segment will shed light on places worth visiting and exploring in the Emirate. As part of the collaboration, the Authority will keep Hala’s social media followers informed of clues leading to Dubai’s rich cultural treasures.

Meanwhile, the second phase of the project will take a more dynamic, personalised approach in which Hala will allow visitors to plan their own cultural experiences and design their own itinerary, choosing the destinations they want to explore and the places they want to visit.

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