Emirates receives 123rd Airbus A380

On 17 December, Emirates Airlines received its 123rd Airbus A380 superjumbo aircraft. The aircraft, registered as A6-EVS, is also the latest new A380 to join the Emirates fleet, marking another milestone in the airline’s ongoing 21-year commitment to the programme.

Emirates was the first airline to announce its order for the A380 at the Farnborough Airshow in 2000, when the aircraft was still being sold as the A3XX. This was followed by a firm commitment and an additional order for a further 15 units at the Dubai Airshow in 2001 – a bold announcement just six weeks after the events of 9/11, which challenged the industry like never before.

Emirates’ commitment was crucial in launching a programme that brought together leading European aerospace players and a global supply chain to develop and market the world’s largest commercial aircraft with a full double-deck and large interior cabin space.

Since it first took to the skies, the A380 has continued to capture the imagination, generate excitement wherever it flies and capture the attention of travellers with its quiet, spacious and comfortable cabin.

Sir Tim Clark, president of Emirates Airline, said: “The A380 is a truly special aircraft in many ways. For Emirates, it has given us the opportunity to redefine the travel experience, effectively serve demand at airports with limited slots and contribute to the growth of our network. The A380 will remain Emirates’ flagship product for years to come and a critical pillar of our network plans.”

“The A380 has touched the lives of so many passengers, setting new standards in terms of flying and the travel experience. I am confident that it will continue to do so for decades to come with Emirates, which is constantly introducing new services and products, enabling passengers around the world to experience the unique capabilities of its A380s,” said Guillaume Forey, Airbus CEO. “On behalf of everyone at Airbus, I would like to use this supply milestone to warmly thank Emirates – the world’s largest A380 operator – for their continued trust and partnership. Until further happy landings!”.

Emirates’ latest A380 features the latest branded products, including personal first class suites and shower spas, the highly sought-after A380 on-board bar, a new premium economy cabin, and the latest in-flight entertainment systems, offering the best in-flight personal screens and an unrivalled selection of content.

At the 2021 Dubai Airshow in November, Emirates also announced a major upgrade programme that will equip 52 existing A380 aircraft with premium economy cabins and other enhancements, highlighting the airline’s ongoing commitment to ensuring that its A380 remains best-in-class.

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