New Year’s Eve in Dubai from Big Art Festival

Big Art Festival guests welcomed the New Year 2022 in a hot, loud and big way! An unforgettable gala-dinner was held in Dubai, at the five-star Raffles The Palm Hotel to the hits of legendary party kings Ivanushki International and the fiery Verka Serdyuchka.

The event started with a welcoming reception and a glass of champagne as guests gathered in the welcome area, got to know each other, took pictures and chatted.

At the tables could be seen businessmen, media personalities, celebrities. So, one of the guests was a producer and first deputy of Konstantin Ernst Alexander Faifman, president of “National Media Group” Kirill Kovalchuk, popular socialite Anna Kalashnikova and others.

The host of the evening was Andrei Grigoriev-Appolonov, who rocked the stage with all his soul, cracked jokes and entertained the audience with a rousing interactive.

The highlight of the programme was the presentation of new collections by the David Morris jewellery house, a partner of the festival. The British royal family itself uses the services of this jewellery house, and the glittering brilliance of the jewellery pieces was an attestation to the superb quality of the brand.

One of the jewellery pieces was given away as a prize draw to win an answer to the question as to when the Dubai boutique of the brand was opened. The star host, the “red-haired from Ivanushki”, also held several contests with valuable gifts – guests could win prizes from Caviar Kaspia and tickets to the next BIG ART FESTIVAL, a gala dinner featuring Valery Meladze, to be held on January 4 at Burj Al Arab hotel.

An hour before the chimes the idols of the 90’s “Ivanushki International” came out on stage and after a fantastic festive fireworks display, to which the guests of the event definitely had the best view, the queen of holidays, the symbol of fun, New Year, charming Verka Serdyuchka – a real exclusive of Big Art Festival – took the stage. It was just impossible to sit still listening to her “Dolce Gabbana”, “Chita Drita” and “Everything will be alright”, so even the most sophisticated audience went into a dance.

To arrange a celebration with the in-demand star of holidays and parties, the organizers of New Year’s Eve – Berin Iglesias Art Company – had agreed with Andrei Danilko a year and a half before the appointed date.

And, of course, this choice was the best – the guests marked that New Year’s Eve was fantastic – at the highest level, maximum fun, driving, stylish and hot!

Dubai People magazine was a media partner of the event and of course we discussed it with some of the participants.

Jorge Iglesias, Maxim Berin

Event organiser Maxim Berin commented: “All BigArt events are unique and creative. When it comes to foreign artists, my partner Jorge Iglesias takes care of the creative, when it comes to Russian-speaking artists, then the creative is on me. I always use my own tastes and my own vision. I have long dreamed of making New Year’s Eve for myself, for my friends. And now we have BigArt – it’s a kind of club, not yet closed, but quite possible that soon it will be. And now my dream of celebrating the new year with the Ivanushki and Verka Serdyuchka has finally come true. I can honestly say that it was one of the most fun celebrations of the New Year in my life. And I’ve seen a lot, been to many countries, so I have something to compare it with.”

“I get hundreds and thousands of expressions of gratitude from people who tell me that it was really the most memorable and colourful New Year’s Eve, not just in Dubai but around the world,” Maxim added.

Sasha Ray Influencer

Influencer Sasha Ray commented on the event: “The event was mega fun. Both Ivanushki and Verka Serdyuchka gave their best. It was very warm and atmospheric, everyone danced on stage and in the hall and we could see the amazing fireworks from several points”.

Anna Kalashnikova Singer, TV presenter

“I loved everything about it: gorgeous venue, awesome hotel, great service, my favourite performers. It’s been a long time since we all heard Verka Serdiuchka and we were looking forward to seeing her. I celebrated the second New Year in a row with Ivanushki and it was really magical. I still have unforgettable emotions after New Year celebrations 2022. We were among the very last to leave, we wanted to prolong this fairy tale”, commented Anna Kalashnikova, singer and TV presenter.