Global Goals Week highlights women’s empowerment

Empowering women, who make up half the world’s population, is critical to creating a more prosperous future for everyone, and how we address issues such as women’s health, education and childcare is a key focus of Expo 2020 Dubai Global Goals Week.

As part of the Expo Live Impact Series, visitors to the Centre in the Expo Live pavilion, known as ‘The Good Place’, will hear from a range of global innovators and change leaders whose innovative solutions to these challenges are already having a positive impact on their communities and taking big steps towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A panel discussion on ‘Innovation and Care for Women’s Health’ (18 January, 16:00 GST) will discuss the cultural taboos associated with menstruation that cause many women and girls to miss out on school or opportunities for meaningful work, preventing them from improving their and their families’ quality of life. Visitors will hear about Be Girl Inc, an American social enterprise that is revolutionising menstrual hygiene with reusable products that take into account cultural traditions and available resources, and Saathi, an Indian company that has developed 100% biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads from banana fiber, an abundantly available agricultural by-product.

 The theme ‘Helping Women Thrive’ (19 January, 16:00 GST) will highlight innovative solutions for women to thrive as workers and entrepreneurs. The UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) will offer compelling ideas on health, human rights and the social sector, while Peruvian employment agency Nanas and Amas will show how its approach to connecting domestic workers with families has not only strengthened the dignity and rights of these workers, but also promoted education.

Bangladeshi company APON Wellbeing, whose innovative scheme for garment factory workers – the vast majority of whom are women – has improved access to health care and basic services, will also take part in the discussion. And Kenya-based Kidogo will highlight how it is improving access to high-quality, affordable childcare centres for low-income communities in East Africa, enabling women to start their own childcare business and create safe spaces for children, and allowing other mothers to engage in more valuable employment. 

Viewers can follow the Expo Live Impact Series at https://virtualexpodubai.com/, where other exciting Global Goals Week events will also be broadcast.

Taking place from 15-22 January, Expo 2020 Global Goals Week, in partnership with the UN, serves as a platform for global and thought leaders from around the world to communicate and work towards achieving the Global Goals at a critical time of uncertainty in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Global Goals Week is the seventh of 10 thematic weeks within Expo 2020’s People and Planet programme, offering an exchange of inspiring new perspectives to address the greatest challenges and opportunities of our time.

You can read more about the events at the web-site of Dubai Government Media Office

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