Italian watch brand Kechiq Concept Boutique enters the UAE market

Combining luxury and art with cutting-edge technology and innovation, hailing from Italy with a French sound and a British physio, e-commerce platform Kechiq enters the UAE market with its first official concept boutique in Dubai. The brainchild of Alessio Damiano, a project born in the province of Venice and only developed thanks to Italian minds and young talents, Kechiq takes its range of mid to high-end watches from online directly to the largest mall in the world, Dubai Mall. It’s not an ordinary shop, but a place that transports you to Italy itself thanks to the shop’s finely tailored Italian-inspired design.

In addition to unique timepieces, Kechiq Concept Boutique has acquired exclusive rights to sell artworks of world-renowned Italian maestro Francesco Volpato, an artist, sculptor and master glassblower, as well as works of Gianfranco Megiato, an ICOMOS-UNESCO award-winner and master of modern and ancient sculptural installations of great aesthetic value, in the UAE. Art connoisseurs can now access the masterpieces of established artists at Kechiq Concept Boutique in Dubai Mall.

Born in 2015, Kechiq started out as a simple app with 3 ‘buttons’ and in a few years has evolved into a compelling technology platform, enhanced, tailored to users’ needs, with an extensive product offering. Today, the innovative brand operates in 12 countries, providing fast and efficient delivery, with the prospect of expanding to 16 countries in 2022. Kechiq offers its customers mid- and high-end watches, haute couture brands and limited editions.

CEO and founder of ????? ????? ?.?.?, Alessio Damiano said, “In line with Kechiq’s vision of leaving a mark on the Italian brand worldwide, growth objectives are ambitious. We plan to open the first boutiques of the brand in Milan and Dubai in 2022 and move on to the next steps of expansion in Doha and New York, before entering Europe.” Alessio Damiano wanted an experienced digital entrepreneur on his side and that’s when Carmine Pappagallo partnered up to make the Italian dream come true, witnessed around the world.

The landmark new boutique, located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, next to Gallery Lafayette, will be a centre of excellence, innovation and creativity for watch lovers the world over. An experimental boutique is set to embark on an unadulterated futuristic journey balanced by an innovative and contemporary interior. Ideal for gift-giving and appeal, the boutique will feature pieces from renowned brands including Gagà Milano, Meccaniche Veneziane, Mazzuccato, Maserati, Trussardi and others.

Emphasising the brand’s core values of ensuring efficiency, safety and reliability for its customers, Kechiq Concept Boutique only offers watches from authorised and certified watch dealers. The brand is also certified by the German quality institute ITQF and has received an award for excellence in e-commerce in the jewellery and watch sectors.

Watch aficionados and connoisseurs can expect luxury, innovation, technology and limited edition watches showcasing impeccable Italian craftsmanship when they enter the Kechiq Concept Boutique, designed to radiate brilliance at every point of contact.

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