DP World introduces new digital platform to optimise customs procedures

DP World, a leading global logistics company and provider of intelligent supply chain solutions, has announced the launch of CARGOES Customs’ new digital compliance and revenue generation platform.

The platform enables completely paperless trade, facilitating the customs process with innovative technological solutions, including artificial intelligence-based risk management and intelligent valuation. The system is designed and supported by customs experts and leaders in digital transformation, and draws on more than 40 years of logistics experience to solve supply chain problems.

CARGOES Customs is a unified Customs operating model with intelligent capabilities that streamline border management and revenue collection activities. The system enables customs authorities to simplify trade, secure global supply chains, and improve compliance. At the same time, it minimises revenue leakage by government agencies.

The CARGOES Customs platform is based on the belief that by using technology as a foundation, any customs organization can significantly improve its digital capabilities and better integrate with key agencies and other countries as well as comply with any regional agreements. CARGOES Customs is further strengthened by a powerful risk assessment engine that identifies revenue leakages. As an intelligent risk management system, it helps ensure compliance and facilitates seamless cooperation between authorities, government agencies and stakeholders.

Offering a single-window interface, CARGOES Customs is highly configurable and uses a template-based design that allows customs organizations to update or introduce new services at the click of a button. It supports all file formats commonly used in customs, and is compatible with WCO, WCO and SAFE standards.

Sultan Bin Ahmed Sulayem, chairman and CEO of DP World, said: “Trade is key to helping economies around the world recover equitably and sustainably from the economic shock of the pandemic. We at DP World are doing everything we can to ensure that trade flows as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, and with CARGOES Customs we are truly helping Customs around the world become much more efficient – now and in the long term. This new digital solution brings customs officers and traders together through an easy-to-use interface and a suite of bespoke tools. We will continue to invest in our digital platforms to ensure global trade is simple, transparent and efficient – both in and out of customs.”

Pradeep Desai, Director of Technology at DP World, concluded: “The demand for digital solutions has never been higher and will only grow. We use technology to create value for our customers and facilitate growth. DP World’s CARGOES Customs is part of the broader CARGOES suite of software products. DP World created CARGOES to address the immediate problems caused by supply chain inefficiencies. We are pleased to provide logistics as one of our first CARGOES offerings to customers.”

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