Stunning camping locations in Dubai

Dubai’s ability to create a unique outdoor experience for locals and visitors from all over the world has led to its growing popularity over the years as a one-of-a-kind holiday destination.

Overnight camping is one of the many outdoor activities that people enjoy during the winter season. Many people get away from the hustle and bustle of the city to spend the night in a peaceful environment.

There are many unique places in the city where you can spend the night under the stars. These hidden gems are among the diverse attractions highlighted by the #DubaiDestinations initiative recently launched by Dubai Media Council to showcase the exceptional experiences the emirate offers.

Hatta is one of the popular places to pitch a tent and campfire this winter. The popular eco-adventure destination is an ideal weekend destination, allowing you to enjoy the natural splendour of the Hatta landscape, as well as several activities and facilities during the day at Hatta Wadi Hub.

Outdoor enthusiasts in the UAE can bring their own tents or caravans to camp on their own or go for a more luxurious and glamorous camping experience, popularly known as ‘glamping’, in Damani Lodges or Sedr trailers. These unique lodges are exquisite options for a mountain holiday, with barbecues, stargazing and a range of activities. Other ‘glamping’ sites in Hatta include Hatta Dome Park, which includes 15 domed, fixed tents with panoramic windows, and Hatta Caravan Park, which offers visitors the chance to rent any of the static luxury caravans.

For those who prefer not to travel far from the city, Al Qudra Lakes offers another unique desert camping experience. An hour’s drive from Dubai International Airport, which is one of the most developed campsites in the emirate, it is the best choice for those looking for the perfect sunset and barbecue under the stars. Thanks to the very nearby Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, people can also enjoy a holiday surrounded by greenery and wildlife. Alternatively, holidaymakers can devote time to exploring the heart-shaped Love Lakes and Flamingo Lake or cycle along the Al Qudra cycle track.

One of the newest additions to the Al Qudra Lakes, Lake Expo 2020 is a must-see for those seeking an adventure camping in the middle of the desert surrounded by a stunning man-made wonder. It offers the best views of sunset and sunrise, and there are toilets and facilities.

Another experience that will help you reconnect with nature is the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. It is home to Arabian Oryx, gazelles, reptiles and birds. The reserve is located on an old camel farm and offers camel rides, barbecue food and stunning views. Visitors to this reserve will have to book with specialist tour companies, who provide everything from tents and traditional food in the scenic reserve area. The tour operator will also teach you how to navigate the desert terrain safely in your own 4×4 vehicle.

Dubai offers many other great places to camp in the desert and explore the red sand dunes. Fans of more secluded locations can head to the Al Awir Desert, about 40 minutes away, or the Lahbab Desert, about 50 minutes from the city centre. The Lahbab Desert offers endless activities such as stargazing, sandboarding, dune riding and quad biking.

Another great place for camping is the Al Ruwaiyah Desert, located close to the Dubai Outlet Mall, not too far from the city lights. If you want to experience the atmosphere of a semi-desert city, then the Dubai Semi Desert is the perfect place to camp. It’s a great place for first-timers and families to take stunning photos against a backdrop of semi-desert roads, partly covered in sand.

When planning your own camping trip, it’s best to make sure you’ve packed all the necessary gear and equipment for camping. Campers should also take all precautions for a safe holiday. The Department of Public Health and Safety of Dubai Municipality provides a number of safety guidelines for outdoor camping in tents.

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