Toshikazuo Kawaguchi explores time-travel at Expo 2020 Emirates Pavilion

During the first weekend of the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature at the Expo 2020 Dubai Pavilion, Emirates Airline hosted an intimate session with celebrated author Toshikazuo Kawaguchi. 

The session at the Emirates Expo Dubai 2020 pavilion is another way in which the airline provides unique opportunities for literature lovers at the literary festival to engage with different authors, generate discussion, and foster lively exchanges through the power of storytelling.

Kawaguchi, known internationally for his award-winning and bestselling play, Before the Coffee Gets Cold, shared with the audience at Emirates Pavilion his thoughts on what he would change and the people he would like to meet along the way if he could travel through time, reiterating that whether one returns to the past or travels to the future, the present will always remain the same and change begins within ourselves.

After the session, Kawaguchi visited the Emirates Pavilion to take another journey through time – this time 50 years into the future to see how commercial aviation will evolve in 2071. The author explored concepts such as sustainable propulsion systems, experimented with aircraft frames made from advanced composite materials, and looked into the ultra-modern cockpits of the future. Kawaguchi also toured the Japan pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Toshikazuo Kawaguchi said: “When I started creating stories, I hoped that the stories I created would reach the hearts and minds of people living 30 years from now. I also hoped that the stories I created would reach not only Japanese people but also people around the world. Now I’m very happy that the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature has invited me to Dubai to participate in the Dubai World Expo, which attracts people from all over the world. As a writer, I am happy to have created this work and that it has reached the hearts of the Arab world. It has been a great encouragement to me.”

Emirates has been the title sponsor of the Emirates Airline Literary Festival since its inception in 2009, and its continued and strategic support has made the event one of the most popular on the Dubai event calendar and one of the most sought-after on the global literary scene. The festival has helped the airline create opportunities that reinforce the vibrancy of Dubai as a cultural hub and foster greater cultural understanding. Since 2009, Emirates has transported almost 1,400 authors from over 70 countries, enabling the festival to showcase a diverse line-up of inspirational talks, sessions, workshops and performances featuring some of the world’s best authors, thinkers, writers and performers.

Information from Dubai Media Office

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