RTA, Dubai Police discuss road safety in motorbike deliveries

H.E. Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Board of Executive Directors, and H.E. Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, held a coordination meeting to discuss road safety issues related to the use of motorcycles in the delivery sector. The discussion focused on how to implement the strategic performance indicators and objectives of Dubai’s Road Safety Strategy, as well as the RTA’s strategy to meet the demand for transportation.

Al Tayer opened the meeting, which was held at the RTA’s headquarters, by welcoming H.E. Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri and his accompanying delegation. He welcomed the strategic partnership between the RTA and Dubai Police and praised the role of ongoing coordination meetings in strengthening cooperation and joint efforts. “This cooperation has contributed to the goals of the Dubai Road Safety Strategy in terms of reducing traffic fatalities and increasing the number of public transport passengers as well as individual vehicles for the benefit of citizens, residents and visitors to Dubai,” commented Al Tayer.

“The RTA attaches great importance to road safety and strives to implement the Dubai Road Safety Strategy and its vision of zero fatalities to make Dubai the best city in the world for road safety. We aim to streamline the delivery sector to ensure that it grows in a safe environment. We also strive to improve safety for motorcyclists and road users, and to satisfy all stakeholders.” The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a surge in demand for the services of delivery companies, which has necessitated the regulation of this sector to ensure quality customer service,” Al Tayer said.

The meeting discussed the scope of motorcycle delivery services, an activity that has grown considerably over the past few years and has become more important during Covid-19. Because of this, the number of accidents involving motorcycles has increased by 25 percent, from 300 accidents in 2020 to 400 accidents in 2021. Causes of the accidents were attributed to failure to maintain a safe distance, sharp turns, and running a red light.

The two sides discussed a roadmap and outreach campaigns to improve road safety in this area of activity, and reviewed the quality rules that apply to motorcycles and their drivers. Measures taken include the introduction of safety equipment specifications for motorcycle drivers, which include elbow protectors, helmets and safety shoes that meet international standards and specifications. Steps have been taken to prepare training material for motorcyclists engaged in this activity, in cooperation with educational institutions. The “Delivery Service Excellence Award” is being instituted to reward companies and drivers who excel in their work.

Both sides have announced the launch of extensive joint campaigns to educate motorcycle drivers working for delivery companies about the risks of speeding and negative driving practices. The campaigns will strengthen traffic enforcement against delivery drivers to curb their misconduct and increase their compliance with traffic laws. Licensing measures for such drivers will also be strengthened. The delivery manual issued by the RTA establishes licensing requirements for the facility and drivers. It details required training and licensing, specifications for delivery crates and driver uniforms, and requirements for contracting with delivery companies to the best international standards and specifications. The introduction of these measures is intended to ensure compliance with the highest standards of safety and quality, reduce accidents on the roads, and improve service levels. Such compliance will contribute to respecting the public interest and achieving the goal of zero fatalities set out in the Dubai Traffic Safety Strategy.

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