Synergy Dubai Forum for business community

Synergy Dubai Forum will take place in Dubai on 1 April 2022. The event will focus on the exchange of expertise on marketing, sales, negotiation and more.

The forum’s organisers, Gevorg Muradian and Gagik Muradian, are the founders of Synergy Business School Dubai.

Synergy Business School Dubai has incorporated into the event concept the process of transferring the experience of doing business in the CIS to the UAE market on the most successful cases as well as the secrets of successful business in the Emirates already existing entrepreneurs from the UAE.

Throughout the event, speakers will answer a number of key questions:

“How to start a business in the UAE? How to set up a sales and marketing process? Where and how to get investment and what pitfalls may await a potential entrepreneur in the UAE?”, – the whole programme will be accompanied by active networking.

Speakers will include:

– Grigory Avetov (moderator), founder of the Megacamous educational platform.

– Radislav Gandapas, Expert #1 in Leadership

– Mikhail Kuchment, co-founder of the Hoff hypermarket chain

– Ekaterina Ukolova, sales expert

– Mikhail Dashkiev, Founder of Units, entrepreneur

– Dmitry Krasnogor, expert on attracting investments

– Igor Sergeev, founder of Papa Group. Winner of the Influencers Awards – for significant contribution in the development of the media business in Dubai

+ 5 speakers who will share with you the key insights into the current reality of doing business

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