Best Logistics Technology & Cold Chain Delivery award goes to DP World

DP World was honoured with the prestigious ‘Best Logistics Technology and Cold Chain Delivery’ award at this year’s Vaccine Industry Excellence Awards, held in Washington DC.

The award recognised DP World’s work over the past two years to address vaccine delivery and supply chain bottlenecks.

Over the past 21 years, the World Vaccine Congress has evolved into the world’s leading vaccine congress, with an agenda set by a global scientific advisory board.

The lack of a unified global response to the pandemic poses a barrier to global health, freedom of movement and economic recovery. Technology and partnerships to pool expertise and resources are vital to overcoming these barriers.

Group Chairman and CEO, Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, said: “When the first Covid-19 vaccines were announced, DP World quickly realised the magnitude of the challenge of distributing these vaccines to billions of people around the world. We are proud that our employees and facilities around the world have played their part in ensuring that the vaccines reach those who need them most. We must learn the lessons of this pandemic to ensure equal and equitable access to essential supplies, regardless of wealth or geography.”

DP World’s cold chain facilities, such as the port of Causedo, overflight warehouses and transport vehicles, enable DP World to cover the entire route from the laboratory to the point of administration of the vaccine. In the Dominican Republic, this meant distributing more than eight million Covid-19 vaccines throughout the country.

DP World’s suite of digital technologies, such as CARGOES Flow, has also helped partners identify supply chain bottlenecks and establish cross-border movement of medical products.

Finally, the World Logistics Passport initiative, of which DP World is a partner, removes trade barriers and improves trade routes to improve and facilitate trade between countries, facilitating the movement of these critical shipments.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, DP World entered into a three-year partnership with UNICEF to support its COVAX mission. DP World gave UNICEF free access worldwide to our logistics services, helping it deliver two billion doses of vaccine to hard-to-reach countries by 2022.

Along with UNICEF, DP World is a key partner in the Dubai Vaccine Logistics Alliance, working with Emirates and Dubai Airports to distribute vaccines by air, land and sea to address operational challenges in emerging markets hard hit by the pandemic.

The last mile can be the most challenging part of delivery, as vaccines are often damaged by temperature fluctuations. DP World recently partnered with the UK company Ideabatic to distribute an innovative frost-free and fail-safe cold box to ensure these life-saving vaccines reach their destination.

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