NFT legs in a new world from FeetBack Project

Innovative crypto project FeetBack announces the launch of an NFT collection of 8,888 pairs of legs on the Ethereum network, created specifically for leg lovers and other blockchain obsessionists.

The project developers at FeetBack have taken a giant step towards charting a new course in the crypto space with the launch of their NFT collection.

Konstantin Kudryashov and Nikita Kunitsyn, co-founders of FeetBack Project

Nikita Kunitsyn, co-founder of FeetBack Project, was one of the speakers at the Synergy Crypto and NFT Forum in Dubai. He spoke about NFT from scratch to “mint”, and also presented his new project which he is developing with a team of crypto-enthusiasts.

The Feetback project
The Feetback project

We’ve talked to Nikita and his partner Konstantin Kudryashov after the speech and here’s what we’ve managed to find out from them:

“The blockchain space has expanded significantly in recent times, and the emergence of Metaverse and its inherent components further confirms this assertion. The ever-evolving NFT market remains one of the biggest beneficiaries of the rapidly expanding virtual space. However, the FeetBack project aims to take this experience a notch higher with the launch of the NFT collection and other initiatives.

The NFT collection will be launched during a pre-sale that will allow the public to participate in the groundbreaking project at a discounted price. FeetBack is particularly unique in its usefulness, versatility and benefit to NFT holders, regardless of location. The project aims to address the seeming darkness into which the world has supposedly plunged, breaking away from the norm and allowing as many people as possible to become part of the meta universe with relative ease.

Every Feetback owner will receive a number of benefits, including access to upcoming opportunities such as becoming a homeowner in the Metavsiverse and leaving a mark there for centuries and centuries to come. All owners will have the opportunity to own a piece of land not only in the meta-universe, but also in the real world.

Feetback will also be launching a charity project, with 10% of the profits going to praise projects, as well as launching a collection of merchandise that is expected to go viral like the big luxury brands.”

The editorial team at Dubai People continues to follow projects in the world of technology and innovation and to share this with our readers. We wonder where this new digital world will lead to.

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