Guy Yanpolskiy: interview with WOW Summit Dubai organizer

WOW Summit aims to be the region’s leading technological, metaverse and blockchain event and will make a comeback later this year.

An unparalleled digital alternative reality festival, NFT gallery, Web3 Summit, multi-dimensional outdoor performance. All in one place.

WOW Summit Dubai commenced on the 13th of March 2022, at the iconic Burj Park adjacent to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The four-day festival explored the various technologies, opportunities and possibilities associated with the ‘Metaverse’, blockchain, cryptocurrency, Artificial intelligence and finally the rise and evolution of digital art works and NFTS.

Organized by GuyWay Events (founder Guy Yanpolskiy) WOW Summit welcomed up to 7000 visitors, hosted over 170 speakers and had up to 100 partners and sponsors. The NFT Digital art gallery curated by Daria Lomova, a highlight of the event. Showcased the works of artists from all around the world, on the first day works by Nils Hansen and Synticate art group were sold to major digital art collectors.

The WOW ‘Metafest’, the multi-dimensional, immersive outdoor performance was curated and produced by Metagate platform. The Burj Khalifa park was transformed into a fusion of web3 and extended reality, featuring spectacular AR and VR performances, LED installations, and interactive exhibitions.

The energetic, community event WOW Summit also hosted a start-up competition for rising talents in the new era of technological innovation. Winners of the start-up completion include, Legionfarm, a platform for online pro gamers, where subscribers can play and invest in emerging stars. XDAO APP, a platform that allows users to create and manage ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organization’ using the fastest and safest solution on the market. Nodamatics, a platform created for crypto holders that simplifies ‘staking’ rewards. In addition to, Forcana, Bearverse, Eywa and Orbofi who will be making waves in the market soon.

Pr company Papa Media became the official media partner of WOW Summit, where it provided informational support for the participants.

We’ve talked to Guy Yanpolskiy, founder of Genirium.com, co-founder of Yafo.io, co-founder of WOW summit, founder of GuyWay events and founder of « Collective intelligence».

1. What are the interesting trends in organising such events?

W3 conferences have started to focus more and more on the mass market. Each event tries to surprise its participants and visitors with something new. Stands with more interesting design, each company comes up with its own unique interaction. Just a few years ago, block-spin conferences were like a meeting of nicknames. Today, however, it’s a true Event, where even a newcomer will have fun and be able to immerse themselves in the technology.

2. What is the most difficult and what are the specifics in organising such a large-scale event in Dubai?

Dubai has its own specifics when it comes to organizing events. You have to know that most of the contractors and service providers are only open 4 days a week until 6pm which slows down the whole process. Dubai is very picky about details and documents, that’s why you won’t be able to ignore them. For example, we need to provide a list of all the speakers with passport details and get permission from the government for every performance. And such actions are at every step. We have a team of professionals who are prepared for these particularities. But we have to work 24/7 to keep partners and guests happy with the event.

3. Tell us how did the idea of organizing wow summit festival come to you?

Frankly speaking, the final decision came during a skydiving trip to Dubai. Thoughts and ideas were transformed into a coherent new concept for WoW Festival. I clearly understood that the event should be in the Burj Park. And I want to tell you that we don’t stop at Dubai. You will soon see WOW Summit on world calendars on every continent.

4. What was the main purpose of the wow summit festival?

The main purpose of WOW Summit is mass adoption of w3 technologies and partnership building. We know we are changing the world for the better when we organise a Big Event like this. Companies get new contracts, artists sell their work, VC funds find start-ups, and visitors immerse themselves in the world of technology in a unique format.

5. What problems did you face while preparing the festival? Maybe there was some interesting story?

Organising an event of this scale is always a million stories. But to build a huge transparent pavilion in the Burj Park from the ground up in two days was a crazy idea! Over 300 builders made it possible. But the most unexpected surprise was the abnormally hot weather for the season. So we made the decision to shift the adjenda to the second part of the day. Changing everything in 24 hours was not easy. But due to this decision all the guests watched a spectacular fountain show and enjoyed the view of evening Dubai.

6. Tell us what was there new at the Wow summit festival that was not at other similar festivals?

WOW festival is a unique event. We combine a conference, exhibition, art gallery and AR space. Where have you seen such a combination? Most importantly, we create a Networking atmosphere with a cozy lounge area and entertainment. Our guests conclude business contracts right at the event! We make the event as comfortable and cosy as possible. Our visitors learn, do business and relax. The emphasis on quality Networking is our main distinction.

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