The international UWILL GLOBAL community has once again confirmed its status as the world’s leading community for active women.

On 27 April, the Address Dubai Marina hosted a large-scale business conference on the sought-after topic among businesswomen community members “Investing-2022: Optimal Strategies, Trends and the Latest Tools”.

To meet UWILL members’ demand for education on effective ways to invest, we gathered top investment experts and practitioners, including those specializing in super modern tools such as cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Honorary Platinum member of UWILL Natalia Tkacheva, an entrepreneur in the production sector and expert from Dubai, spoke on the fascinating topic of investing for the future. She talked about all the cutting-edge financial tools such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi, NFT and GameFi.

Dmitriy Krasnogor, business consultant, managing director of SIMBA storage, managing partner of TRES OTC DMCC, shared algorithms for attracting investment in startups and highlighted key niche trends.

Top female entrepreneurs in the UWILL community and their partners, spouses who are also interested in this important topic, listened attentively to the experts’ presentations and absorbed the capital multiplication techniques. “There is a real business atmosphere here! We received really valuable knowledge, which is difficult to obtain today, from real practitioners”, admired the guests.

Julia Titova, community co-founder and serial entrepreneur, couldn’t miss such an event and specifically flew from London to Dubai to personally welcome guests and speakers.

The main trends and dangers of investing in 2022 were voiced by Alexander Korenev, investment analyst, speaker at Synergy, Skolkovo and portfolio manager at Freedom Finance. Alexander also outlined the nuances of creating a long-term strategy and told where and how much to invest in order to make a profit.

The event was attended by the most active business audience in Dubai and guests from other countries. Among them a close friend of the UWILL Global community, frequent guest and speaker, founder of the successful PR agency PAPA Media in Dubai and editor in chief of Dubai People, Igor Sergeev, the lovely Ekaterina Odintsova, head of PR agency PR TREND and author of the beauty blog.

Special guests of the evening were the founder of the Rich Capital Partners Billionaire Club and Apofiz, the world’s first trade and social network, Kamiev Rinat, Member of EAEC, as well as venture investor with a total investment portfolio of more than $18.5 million, Renat Mansurov and his wife Marina.

Participants shared their impressions of the evening with pleasure: “Dynamics, drive and excitement! Relaxation, education, and communication with the brightest representatives of the business world. Thank you UWILL.”

This conference was the first step towards systematic, in-depth investment training based on UWILL. Given the importance and relevance of the topic, on May 5, the community is launching an Investment channel in Telegram for community members. All details on how to join will be provided by managers shortly.

So, shall we move on? Only forward! See you in Istanbul on May 8! At the opening of UWILL branch in Turkey.

Photos: Yana Atlasova

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