Big Art Festival at Burj Al Arab

The BIG ART FESTIVAL is a series of gala evenings taking place all over the world in the most luxurious venues, each time impressing with the highest level of style and luxury.

On May 4, Dubai hosted the international music festival Big Art Festival, which featured the singer and composer, author of legendary hits and the idol of millions, Leonid Agutin. The gala evening was held at the Burj Al Arab hotel.

The entertainer of the evening was the charismatic and incendiary Alexander Belov!

The event started with a welcoming reception and a glass of champagne as guests gathered in the welcome area, got to know each other, took pictures and chatted.

Guests enjoyed haute cuisine, delicacies, elite drinks, as well as the opportunity to personally communicate with representatives of business, culture and leading world brands.

Festival organizers – BERIN IGLESIAS HOLDING

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