Elmax salon & spa and its history in the beauty industry

The beauty industry in Dubai is booming and we’re keeping up with news and the latest beauty trends.  Chatting with Elizaveta Trebuta, owner of Elmax salon & spa, we learned a lot about the salon and the latest beauty trends.

Elmax beauty salon has received many awards, including Best beauty salon in Dubai, 2019; World salon awards, best beauty salon 2022; United Arab Emirates, prestige awards 20/21 – Spa salon of the Year; VIE International Award, 2021, beast beauty salon; Best salon & spa 2022, International Fashion Week Dubai.

Elizaveta Trebuta, owner of Elmax beauty salon

Elizaveta Trebuta tells us: “The first salon of the Elmax chain opened in June 2019. Previously it was a salon under a different name, Hush, and some of the employees who worked there are still part of our friendly team today.

Elmax salon & spa, provides quite a huge range of services for both men and women:

– hair care (hair treatment, colouring, haircuts, styling), as well as free consultations;

– facial skin care (facial cosmetic procedures, mechanical and instrumental);

– nail services (classic manicure/pedicure, gel manicure including all types of design, nail extension)

– spa treatments (various types of massage, body scrub, Moroccan sauna);

– and others (waxing, eyelash extensions, lamination of eyelashes/brows, make-up, etc.).

The salon is undoubtedly popular, as the stylists are constantly working on the background of various events. Our friends and clients include celebrities and public figures, both local and international.

Above all, however, our success is due to the fact that our staff are long-standing professionals who focus on the level of quality of service provided.

What makes Elmax salon & spa different from others? Elmax is a family; each member of staff is passionate about their work and is constantly working on their own personal development. The salon staff are absolutely loyal in terms of working hours and conditions. We accept invitations to work with models in the desert for example, or without long rest periods. We are madly in love with the world of beauty and fashion, so the results of our work are of the same quality.

Elmax salon & spa has plans to build a network of 20 salons, the details are secret. It is a long and painstaking work and we are working on it.”

Photos by Elmax salon & spa

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