dnata expands operations in Erbil, Iraq

dnata, a leading global provider of aviation and travel services, has announced a significant expansion of its operations in Erbil, Iraq. At Erbil International Airport (EBL), the company opened a new state-of-the-art chain cooling facility and bus maintenance facility for its state-of-the-art bus fleet, representing a combined investment of US$3.5 million.

 dnata has also announced its intention to invest a further US$14 million and add a 16,000m² freight warehouse to its infrastructure in Iraq. These three new facilities will create up to 100 jobs at dnata. 

 dnata’s new cold chain complex is capable of handling 10,000 tonnes of perishable products per year. This enables dnata’s cargo team to offer uncompromising chilled and frozen storage and cold chain products to its EBL customers, serving product categories such as fresh fruit, meat and pharmaceuticals. The facility was designed and built with flexibility and unique product handling requirements in mind, using the latest cold storage technology.

 The new dnata cargo warehouse, which is expected to open in 2023, will significantly expand the company’s cargo offering in Iraq.  It will be capable of handling 100,000 tonnes of cargo per year, with a particular focus on pharmaceuticals and other cold-cycle goods. The facility will be equipped with the latest technology, including environmentally sustainable features such as water harvesting, low-energy lighting and an all-electric forklift fleet.

 In addition, dnata recently announced the successful implementation of its advanced ‘OneCargo’ system, which digitises processes and improves the efficiency of freight operations in Iraq. OneCargo automates key business and operational functions, including safety and quality monitoring, reporting and ULD management, through an integrated cloud platform. Artificial intelligence-based tools and analytics provide improved visibility into sales and business performance, allowing customers to match demand with available capacity in real time to maximise profitability. In addition, OneCargo eliminates all redundancies and manual checklists, significantly improving operational efficiency.

 Currently, dnata provides passenger, ground and cargo services to more than 25 airlines in Erbil. In 2021, the company served more than 1.2 million passengers, 8,200 flights and 20,000 tonnes of cargo in Iraq.

 In recent years, dnata has also made strategic investments in new cargo facilities in London and Manchester (UK), Karachi and Lahore (Pakistan), as well as additional cargo capacity and infrastructure in Brussels (Belgium), Sydney (Australia) and Toronto (Canada). In addition, the company recently announced that it is investing more than €200 million in its Amsterdam (Netherlands) operations and will operate one of the largest and most modern cargo facilities in the world, dnata Cargo City Amsterdam, at Schiphol Airport.

 As one of the world’s leading providers of air services, dnata provides quality and reliable ground handling, cargo, catering and retail services at more than 120 airports in 19 countries.

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