Precision Medicine Exhibition and Summit to take place in Dubai

Dubai will host the Middle East’s first specialised exhibition and summit dedicated to digital technology in precision medicine. More than 70 international experts, thought leaders and medical pioneers from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the US will present in-depth knowledge of a new methodology that moves healthcare from ‘one size fits all’ to a targeted, personalised approach.

The recently launched Precision Medicine Exhibition and Summit, under the patronage of Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence and President of the UAE Genetic Disease Association, will be held at the Conrad Hotel from 24-25 May, where healthcare professionals will gather to explore the latest techniques and innovations in precision medicine, while emerging medical technology startups will bid for funding before a breakthrough Emerge GHI event.

“Integrating precision medicine into the general healthcare system is encouraging for patients with genetic disorders. Personalised medicine is certainly changing the healthcare ecosystem for the better, thanks to digitalisation and a rapidly growing body of knowledge that is redefining our perception of the very nature of the onset and development of deadly diseases. Precision medicine will help us better understand the role of genetics, provide a tailored health management solution for each individual and reduce the burden of not only genetic disorders but also other rare diseases in the long term,” said Dr Maryam Matar, founder and chairman of the UAE Genetic Disease Association.

David Stradling, director of the event, said: “Gulf healthcare providers are already getting involved in the precision medicine sector, which is expected to grow by 11 per cent annually until 2026 and is valued at $142 billion globally. At the Precision Medicine Summit, healthcare providers, academic scientists and industry experts will have a unique opportunity to share knowledge, discuss challenges and opportunities.”

Speaking ahead of the event, Dr Younis Kazim, CEO of Dubai Health Corporation at the Dubai Health Authority, said: “Through the use of technological developments such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, precision medicine allows doctors and researchers to accurately predict which treatments and prevention of a particular disease will be effective for certain groups of patients. As well as contributing to the overall development of healthcare technology in the UAE, we are confident that this event will have a significant impact on the way diseases are treated, ultimately leading to more effective and cost-efficient personalised treatment programmes.”

The EMERGE GHI Innovation Investment Forum will be held simultaneously with the exhibition and precision medicine summit and will be a hotbed of innovation, where healthcare technology start-ups will connect with potential investors. Prior to the Emerge Summit, GluCare.Health, the world’s first fully vertically integrated digital therapy + provider platform using continuous monitoring of personal health data, will speak.

“The Emerge Investment Forum is the perfect springboard to showcase our expertise, cutting-edge solutions and phenomenal results,” said Ali Hashemi, co-founder and chairman of GluCare.Health. “The healthcare landscape in the region is evolving at a rapid pace with a growing need for value and outcomes-based solutions available to both operators and patients. As diabetes in the region has recently moved from epidemic to pandemic, we see this event as an opportunity to forge new partnerships that will help us further improve and redefine diabetes care and make sure our platform is accessible to as many patients as possible.”

Source:  Emirates News Agency

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