AMAZY fitness app with NFT Sneakers coming in June

A lot of crypto and NFT projects have been popping up lately. News about the creation of a new digital reality is flooding the space. Interest in the crypto industry is growing. Various events are taking place in Dubai, communities are gathering, and new venues are forming, just to make people even more aware of the crypto industry.

Recently, we have learned about a new project called AMAZY which will launch in June 2022 and its developers are boldly claiming that they will quickly take over the international market and take a leading position.  After researching their website and social media, here is what we have learned about the project.

 AMAZY is a motivational fitness app with game elements.  It’s simple: put on your fancy NFT sneakers and go for a walk or jog to earn AMT tokens.  Move more to pump up your pair or earn new ones.  In AMAZY, players can walk or run in teams.  Each user will be able to sell, buy or rent a pair on the in-app trading floor.

What’s more, the sneakers design has been done in a very stylish way.

 The project is created by the AZUR GAMES team, which has developed dozens of mobile games with more than 2 billion installations.

 The developers of the project say that their goal is to inspire as many people as possible to replace the screen with fresh air; a passive lifestyle with a simple and interesting way of taking care of their health.  Through gamification and move2earn mechanics, AMAZY will be able to attract millions of people to a healthier lifestyle.

 AMAZY could be the first step into the world of Web3.  Anyone without a cryptocurrency will be able to start earning and learn how to manage a decentralised wallet at the same time.

 Well, that sounds very interesting. 

Looking forward to the launch of the project and sharing with our readers how quickly the AMAZY team achieves and whether they achieve their goals.

For more information visit the website or Instagram