“Service Ambassador” programme helps to enhance shopping experience

The Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) has launched the Service Ambassador programme to improve customer service in Dubai and reduce consumer complaints. The programme, developed by DET’s Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Sector (CCCP) and Dubai College of Tourism (DCT) in collaboration with the Dubai Festival and Retail Authority (DFRE), is a tailored course designed to help employees of businesses and commercial groups improve the quality and efficiency of customer service.

The Service Ambassador programme is part of a series of innovative initiatives launched by CCCP to support businesses and enable merchants to maintain warm relationships with their customers. The course content will be offered online on DCT’s intelligent training platform. Merchants can subscribe to the programme and trainees can log in and start learning from anywhere and anytime.

Mohammed Ali Rashed Lootah, director general, commercial compliance and consumer protection sector, said the Service Ambassador programme has been carefully designed to address the most important aspects that determine consumer happiness, including quality of service, warranty obligations and the relationship and interaction between the merchant and the consumer.

“Shopping is a major driver of tourism and retail growth in Dubai, so it is important for businesses and all retail outlets to maintain an exceptional customer experience. The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Sector and Dubai College of Tourism have jointly developed this programme based on our perceptions of the customer journey and expectations when shopping in Dubai,” said Lootah.

Ahmed Al Khaja, CEO of Dubai Festivals and Retail, said: “Dubai continues to build on its reputation as the best retail destination worldwide with a comprehensive shopping experience that includes a wide range of dining and entertainment options. The new Service Ambassador programme sheds light on the role of employees and aims to enhance the customer experience through world-class service. Excellent customer service really adds a critical dimension to the shopping experience and is another compelling reason for UAE residents and global travellers to come to Dubai and make a repeat visit to the city.”

Essa bin Hadher, CEO of Dubai College of Tourism, said: “As Dubai strives to become the most livable city in the world, it is essential that those in customer-facing positions provide an exceptional experience for residents and visitors alike. The training programme, developed jointly by DCT and CCCP, aims to guide participants on ways to improve their customer service skills. Our college’s wealth of experience in developing and managing bespoke training programmes will benefit both participants and their businesses immensely as they work to create unique value and the best possible experience for customers.”

The Service Ambassador programme consists of two segments – one for customer service and sales staff and the other for point of sale and shop managers. Each programme is tailored to the roles and functions of the respective target groups and their responsibilities to customers.

DET will monitor the programme for continuous improvement and support all subscribers and retailers to achieve the best possible results. Ultimately, the programme aims to support businesses and investors by increasing consumer confidence in Dubai and providing a unique shopping experience for residents and tourists.

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