Cloudflare sets up operations in Dubai

More than 20 years after its founding in 2000, Dubai Internet City (DIC) continues to be one of the world’s most popular hubs for new economy companies. Several high-growth, high-value-added, technology-enabled global companies have recently chosen DIC to set up their regional offices.

The latest to join the ever-growing ranks of new economy companies to make DIC their home is US content delivery and DDoS network Cloudflare. Earlier this week, Cloudflare announced that Dubai would become its first office in the Middle East to support its growing EMEA operations.

The Dubai office will be the base for Cloudflare’s growing team in the Middle East and Turkey.

Cloudflare’s team in Dubai will help the company increase brand awareness, attract and support customers, and recruit new employees. Cloudflare is one of many international new economy companies that have chosen to establish their base in Dubai, the hyper-connected city of the future. Dubai’s rapidly evolving technology ecosystem has helped it quickly emerge as an important hub for next-generation businesses, including well-known multinationals, unicorns and start-ups.

The emirate offers a unique combination of a robust regulatory framework and a stable risk environment. A business-supportive administration enables and encourages an innovative mentality, and the city provides access to a large pool of talent.

As a leading business hub, Dubai is also a world-class destination for active lifestyle, education and entertainment. The Emirate has established itself as a global hub for business and the economy of the future. Its supportive ecosystem and infrastructure is a magnet for the world’s most promising companies and brightest minds.

The region’s leading technology hub, Dubai Internet City, is home to many Fortune-500 companies and other major global technology players. DIC offers companies of all sizes the environment, platform and tools they need to innovate and grow. Ammar Al Malik, managing director of Dubai Internet City, said it remains committed to offering Cloudflare the same favourable platform.

Ammar Al Malik, Managing Director of Dubai Internet City

Cloudflare has data centres in 270 cities in 100 countries, including 27 data centres in the Middle East region and Turkey. Over the past two years, the company has doubled its EMEA team to around 700 employees. In the Middle East and Turkey region, Cloudflare will prioritise the launch of new data centres, increasing market share through partnerships, expanding its customer base and local team to cope with business growth and better serve its customers.

As an innovative hub connecting East and West, Dubai offers unrivalled access to the world’s fastest-growing economies. The city’s leadership is now consciously focusing on new technologies that will be an integral part of the future.

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