«We Are the World Events» and PlayArt_UAE present international children’s art exhibition in Dubai

The International Association for Cultural Diplomacy «We Are the World events» in collaboration with PlayArt_UAE presents international children’s art exhibition, taking place at RichMan House, Opus Tower on June 08, 2022 at 6 p.m-8 p.m, featuring the competition and awarding of diplomas to the winners chosen by the jury.

The international children’s art exhibition “We are the World” will bring together children from all over the world in an event where they can express themselves through art, show their talent, improve their skills and strengthen their love for art.  We are convinced that through this project children will grow up as self-confident people making this world a better place. It will also motivate little artists to be more creative and received the deserved awards for their work. “We Are the World” is an international platform founded in Paris in 2018 that organises exhibitions of children’s drawings globally (currently 37 participating countries). Twice already it was held in the Carrousel du Louvre (Paris) & other prestigious halls and museums of the capitals in different countries.

Dubai representative Aygul Kuptsova, the founder of PlayArt_UAE, is focusing on promotion of talented children-artists organising various projects, exhibitions & competitions to allow little ones to shine and get world recognition.

On June 08, 2022, the international children’s art exhibition “We are the World” will host the representatives from:

  • local art community (artists, gallery owners, art bloggers);
  • the art schools of Dubai;
  • VR Academy in Dubai
  • local business owners;
  • Papa Media, Dubai People, WOW Magazine, Aviamost, Russian Emirates media

And His Excellency Sheikh Awad Mohamed Bin Sheikh Mujren and Mr. Abdulla Ali Al-Mubarak as SPECIAL GUESTS.

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