Dubai Culture and Hayi sign cooperation and partnership agreement

The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) cooperates on many projects with its partners in the public and private sectors, guided by the vision of supporting the emirate’s creative community. In this context, the Authority collaborates with Hayi, a free local social communication network for Dubai’s neighbourhoods that allows residents to connect, support and befriend each other, create neighbourhood groups, share common interests and preferences, and launch and participate in social initiatives and activities in their neighbourhoods.

The collaboration and partnership agreement between Dubai Culture and Hayi aims to bring together creative talents in different areas of Dubai to provide them with the opportunity to showcase their work and provide their creative services. It will be implemented in three phases: the first phase will see the creation of a digital app, Al Quoz Neighbourhood, which will enable talents to showcase their work, promote their products and share their performances in Al Quoz and other areas of the city. At this stage, the app will also give Dubai Culture the ability to distribute any notifications and updates it wants to share with community members.

Hala Badri, CEO of Dubai Culture, said: “In line with our efforts to make Dubai the global capital of the creative economy by creating a stimulating climate for talent in the emirate and in light of our mission to lay the foundations for an inclusive cultural and creative environment that attracts opportunities for meaningful collaboration, we are always open to new ideas and visions that accompany modernity and its development in all areas of knowledge and creativity.”

Badri confirmed that the partnership will have a positive impact on Dubai’s creative economy as it will improve access and participation by promoting and increasing engagement in local digital neighbourhoods in the region, including the city as a whole, as well as stimulating revenue and growth by allowing entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and services for free and advertise their offerings across the city. It also has an important social impact, creating an interconnected, synergistic and positive creative community.

The Hayi app is currently available in English, but will be available in Arabic in the future. The second phase of the collaboration will see the launch of additional districts until the entire city is covered, allowing each local company free access to individual districts. The third phase will see the launch of a group feature to bring talent together within their communities, as well as across Dubai. A calendar of events will also be launched, which will be a more interactive way for talent and entrepreneurs to plan their events and keep abreast of what’s new at an industry level.

Chris Darnell, co-founder of Hayi, said: “The most important lesson we have learnt from the pandemic is the fundamental need to communicate; there is nothing more important than getting to know and socialise in the neighbourhood where one lives. Health begins where we live, learn, work and play, among people with whom we share our community and our culture. Through our partnership with Dubai Culture, we aim to create stronger and more connected neighbourhoods that residents and talent alike can rely on, as well as help local businesses connect with their chosen neighbourhoods across the city.”

In line with one of the priorities of the 2020-2026 strategic roadmap for developing an attractive creative economy, this partnership stems from Dubai Culture’s commitment to support SMEs and start-ups in Dubai’s creative community and facilitate their business operations, as well as create an environment that encourages their growth and prosperity.

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