Dubai Media Council creates development plan for Dubai Media Inc

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai Media Council, has ordered the launch of a comprehensive plan to develop the various components of Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI), including visual, audio, print and digital media platforms, within a set time frame.

During the Council’s second meeting in 2022, chaired by His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed, His Highness stressed the importance of working with all relevant entities to assess current media capabilities, develop ideas and plans to enhance competitiveness, and identify the technical and human resources required to achieve these goals. Sheikh Ahmed also stressed the importance of cooperation among various government agencies to prepare talented Emirati individuals in the media sector to effectively participate and lead in the rapidly evolving global media industry.

“We will conduct a comprehensive review of the various sectors of Dubai Media Incorporated and initiate its development process immediately. Dubai’s growing global prominence requires world-class, state-of-the-art media that can keep up with its development. Dubai’s media sector will have a huge responsibility in its next phase of growth and our task is to enable it to perform its duties flawlessly. We will work closely with all stakeholders to accelerate the development of our audiovisual and print media platforms. We look forward to creative ideas that will enable Dubai’s media to generate content of the highest quality,” said His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed.

During the meeting, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed also endorsed the launch of ‘DXB500’, a government communications programme that aims to train 500 staff working in the communications departments of various government and semi-government organisations in Dubai. As part of the initiative, the Dubai Government Media Office (GDMO) has been tasked with implementing the programme in line with international best practice standards in this area, so that the strategic communications of the organisations participating in the programme achieve greater impact.

The meeting was attended by Her Excellency Mona Al Marri, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Dubai Media Council, as well as members of the Council’s board, including: Her Excellency Hala Yousef Badri, His Excellency Malek Sultan Al Malek, Abdullah Humaid Belhoul, Younes Al Nasser, Amal Ahmed bin Shabib, Issam Kazim and Mohammed Suleiman Al Mullah, as well as Council Secretary General Nehal Badri.

Her Excellency Mona Al Marri said: “Over the next few weeks, the Dubai Media Council will hold a series of meetings to assess the situation and develop a comprehensive and integrated development strategy for the various components of Dubai Media Inc. We have developed a general framework for the plan and will work out the final details in meetings to be held with executives from various DMI sectors, including television, radio, digital and print media.”

Nehal Badri, general secretary of the Dubai Media Council, said the council had so far focused on identifying DMI development areas and brainstormed initial ideas to effectively achieve the goals as soon as possible. “In the next phase, the Council will focus on enhancing DMI’s competitiveness through high quality content coupled with excellent technical and human capabilities. We will draw inspiration and meet the most outstanding global standards that meet our needs and aspirations.”

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