A’awen Giving facilitates patients’ path to recovery

Healthcare crowdfunding in Dubai has received a major boost from the success of A’awen Giving, an online crowdfunding platform launched by the Al Jalila Foundation, a member of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives. The foundation today announced that in less than a year since the platform’s launch, more than AED 1 million has been donated to support patients on their journey to recovery.

A’awen, which means ‘support’ in Arabic, is the Al Jalila Foundation’s treatment support programme, which provides financial assistance to UAE patients in need. The programme aims to ease the financial burden on patients suffering from life-threatening diseases who cannot afford quality medical care.

Corporations and individuals in the UAE are increasingly expressing support for A’awen Giving, which provides donors with a convenient digital channel to provide financial assistance to patients with critical illnesses.

As a registered charity in the UAE, Al Jalila Foundation invites individuals to donate to help patients with the assurance that the funds raised will be fully used to support patients. Through A’awen Giving’s online platform, donors can be assured that their donations will make a real difference to people in the community and that 100% of their donation will go towards treating the patient.

The A’awen Giving website features the stories of patients who need life-changing treatment and the funds they are trying to raise to cover their medical costs. Online donors receive regular updates on the success of the fundraising campaign and are notified when the full amount has been raised. As part of its efforts to expand its donor network, the crowdfunding platform has created a unique feature that allows donors to invite their friends and family to match their donations. 

Dr Abdulkarim Sultan Al Olama, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation, said: “In today’s digital world, we want to make it as easy as possible for people to help those in need, so we have created a platform through which the community can donate anytime and from anywhere. Technology has the power to change every aspect of our lives and it has made the patient much more accessible to the donor. Through A’awen Giving, we count on our donors and partners to help us pave the way for a healthy and bright future for all. There is no greater gift than good health, and A’awen gives hope so that patients can lead happy, healthy lives.”

In less than a year since launching the platform, the foundation has run 20 fundraising campaigns and raised more than AED1 million to help adults and children with life-threatening medical problems, such as Santoshi, who was born with a hole in her heart and needed corrective surgery; 13-year-old Abdulrahman, who no longer relies on painkillers to get through the day after a life-changing surgery; and Grace, a young mother suffering from cancer who is responding well to treatment and hopes to make a full recovery. 

Dr Abdulkarim added: “We help patients focus on recovery without worrying about medical costs, easing their financial burden so they can focus on treatment and recovery. When we help a patient, there is a ripple effect: a father sees his children grow up, a child realises his dreams, grandparents spend more time with their grandchildren. Nothing gives us more joy than seeing families blossom in the face of adversity. It is a great privilege to be a small part of their life journey.”

Al Jalila Foundation works with health partners on treatment plans that meet the needs of patients, and A’awen Giving enables the community to be part of their journey to recovery.
For more information on A’awen Giving, visit: www.giving.aljalilafoundation.ae

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