RTA and Dubai Municipality install new Jumeirah Beach signs

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), in cooperation with Dubai Municipality, has amended the signs on Jumeirah Beach to match the new changes made to the beach, as well as the new cycling and e-scooter paths. Particular attention has been paid to standardising the signs to emphasise the new identity of the beach as a unique tourist destination. The new signs feature a modern design and distinctive colours.

The modification has affected around 60 different signs for users of jogging and cycling paths, as well as signs for beach facilities such as toilets, and others related to purposeful people. Carrying out such work is part of the RTA’s efforts to provide a unified, integrated and sustainable road system at world-class standards. It also aims to provide services that are enjoyable for different categories of people and enhance safety as well as environmental sustainability.

The Municipality of Dubai has amended the beach signs to make them compatible with the new changes made to Jumeirah Beach 3, Umm Suqeim 1 and 2. The signs reflect the new identity of the beaches as unique tourist destinations. The new signs have a stylish design and vibrant colours in harmony with other RTA signs.

Some 84 signs have been modified to serve visitors to the beaches, including instructions and safety instructions. The modifications are part of Dubai Municipality’s efforts to modernise the signs and provide excellent services to beach visitors, improving safety as well as environmental sustainability.

The new signage for e-scooter and cycle lane use emphasises the need to adhere to designated lanes in the direction of traffic. They also highlight the maximum speed limit of 20 km/h and the minimum age for cycling (12 years) and riding an electric scooter (16 years). The signs also emphasise the importance of wearing a protective helmet and appropriate equipment and refraining from using double headsets. It also points out the need to avoid reckless driving and dismounting when crossing pedestrian crossings as well as not carrying anything that could cause imbalance. In addition, it states that no e-scooters or motorbikes attached to a seat are allowed on the designated track.

Instructional signs on the beach inform visitors that beginners and children should avoid swimming and swim only in the designated designated areas. In addition to following the lifeguards’ instructions, swimmers should swim during daylight hours and in appropriate weather conditions. In addition to keeping the beach clean, the signs prohibit camping and smoking and make sure no luggage is left on the beach.

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