The Museum of the Future takes part at SITEM

The Museum of the Future successfully presented Dubai’s vision for tomorrow by exhibiting for the first time at the 26th International Exhibition of Museums (SITEM) at the iconic Louvre Museum in Paris.

His Excellency Khalfan Belhoul, Director General of the Dubai Future Foundation, led a high-level delegation including Lath Carlson and Majed Al Mansoori, Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director of the Museum of the Future respectively, to the event, which brought together many of the world’s prominent cultural institutions.

After opening its doors earlier this year, the Museum of the Future was invited to the flagship Paris exhibition to talk about how it aims to nurture a new generation of talent and build a better future for humanity. Leveraging the latest advances in cutting-edge technology, the museum is also at the centre of a global effort to provide an unrivalled visitor experience and stimulate Dubai’s cultural economy.

His Excellency Khalfan Belhoul said: “We must foster collaboration and cooperation to find solutions that will effectively address new and emerging threats in a complex and rapidly changing world. This is our modus operandi at the Museum of the Future and the Dubai Future Foundation. Our presence in Paris is a great opportunity to engage with like-minded people and make deeper connections as we create innovative experiences in a museum focused on creating history through the perception of the future.”

He added: “Paris is a global metropolis known as a centre for art, culture, cuisine, science and technology. Like Dubai, it is also a hub for tourism, a source of knowledge and home to some of the world’s most impressive architectural projects. The Museum of the Future has set new benchmarks in the design and development of cultural attractions. Today, it serves as an incubator for bright minds, accelerating the development of big ideas that can strengthen Dubai’s position as a place to tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges.”

Dubai’s adoption of cutting-edge technology and commitment to innovation for social, economic and environmental growth makes it a profitable place to join global efforts to build a better future for humanity, His Excellency added.

During the event, His Excellency Khalfan Belhoul gave a special presentation on trends and the future of museums. He introduced the new Dubai Museum as the latest addition to the world’s most celebrated cultural attractions. His Excellency was then joined by senior members of the museum team to present the vision for the Museum of the Future to the audience.

The Museum of the Future’s participation reinforced its global position as a landmark tourism destination and incubator for science, technology, knowledge and creativity. It was also another step towards strengthening the strategic partnership between the UAE and the international community as it brings minds together to explore the future of human ingenuity.

SITEM brings international participants together to discuss important and original themes and issues. Delegates explore museums from the inside and, increasingly, in their urban and social contexts.

Source: Dubai Media Office

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