‘Be Happy, Be Creative’ summer camp 2022

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority is gearing up to launch the ‘Be Happy, Be Creative’ summer camp in the historic Al Fahidi district from 19 to 28 July, promising children a learning, fun and creative experience with a package of educational workshops and exciting creative activities.

Throughout the days of the camp, children aged 7-12 will enjoy a unique journey through the historic Al Fahidi district, which is rich in authenticity and Emirati heritage. ‘Be Happy, Be Creative’ summer camp prepared a creative programme which includes a range of arts, educational and cultural workshops, guided tours of the area, film performances, puppet theatre, fun sports and recreational activities.

Laila Abdullah Belhoush, director of the ‘Be Happy, Be Creative’ summer camp project in the historic Al Fahidi Quarter, confirmed that the initiative is part of the Authority’s cultural responsibility to stimulate creativity and innovation among children, and promote a culture of active participation by encouraging art and creativity in spaces across Dubai. This promotes the discovery and development of national talents and gives children the opportunity to make the best use of their time during the summer school holidays.

Belhoush added: “Dubai Culture believes in the importance of making culture accessible to all through extensive cultural activities, museums and heritage sites that celebrate authentic national identity and the rich Emirati heritage, and foster a sense of pride in members of society. Through the ‘Be Happy, Be Creative’ summer camp in the historic Al Fahidi district, we aim to sensitise younger generations to heritage sites and keep Emirati cultural heritage alive in the minds and hearts of young people, motivating them to be inspired by it to continue the journey of development and prosperity of Dubai and the UAE.”

Speaking about the importance of the ‘Be Happy, Be Creative’ summer camp, Belhoush said: “Apart from helping to fill children’s days during the summer holidays, the camp is an important activity to develop their intellectual skills and enhance their ability to take responsibility and build friendships outside of school or family. I invite all willing children to sign up for this camp and unleash their creativity.”

Camp activities take place daily from 9 a.m. to 12 noon at Event House #19 in the historic Al Fahidi district, and include workshops and courses in Arabic from July 19-21, and in English from July 26-28.

You can register by emailing Heritage.Sites@dubaiculture.ae or sending a WhatsApp to +971505502528.

Dubai Culture plays an important role in supporting the UAE government’s vision to develop a knowledge-based society. The Authority seeks to promote the emirate’s cultural and creative environment and creatively integrate cultural content into the UAE’s educational programmes, helping to foster younger generations proud of their national heritage and culture.

Source: Dubai Media Office

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