UAE publishes list of most in-demand professions

Data analysts, business operations managers, software engineers and doctors will be the most in-demand professions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over the next 10 years, a joint survey by Bayt and YouGov showed.

For example, 66% of respondents in the UAE believe that digital transformation, automation, artificial intelligence and other technological factors are “likely to change the nature of work in the future”. Employers will increasingly focus on technical skills, but teamwork and communication skills will continue to be valued.

Respondents believe recruiters will also be looking for staff with knowledge of software, creative thinking and time management skills.

Some 92% of recruiters in the UAE said that online recruitment websites and professional platforms will become the most popular recruitment tools within 10 years, with technology speeding up the recruitment process, including shortening the response time for candidates.

“Employers in the MENA are leveraging technology to help drive growth, better anticipate uncertainty and create a workplace that top talent is eager to join. Employers are able to step up hiring practices and be transparent with employees about how they are reimagining the future of work and making progress toward that vision,” Zafar Shah, research director of data services at YouGov, said.

In 10 years’ time, employers in the Middle East and North Africa will make greater use of technology to create new jobs that appeal to the best talent. Employers are expected to become more transparent with employees and build new workforce engagement models, according to YouGov.

Source: Arabian Business

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