Brand Dubai releases fifth #DubaiDestinations interactive guide

The fifth in a series of new interactive #DubaiDestinations guides was released today by Brand Dubai, the creative arm of the Dubai government’s media office, featuring this season’s best culinary experiences and clothing options.

The latest guide lists unique clothing and F&B shops that convey Dubai’s distinctive summer atmosphere. The guide offers a range of trendy shops to help you elevate your style, as well as the most interesting places to indulge in specialty coffee and artisanal ice cream.

The guide is part of the latest phase of the #DubaiDestinations campaign, which invites local and international audiences to enjoy an epic summer in the world’s best city to live and visit. The campaign, which runs until the end of August, encourages residents and visitors to discover the diverse range of leisure, dining, adventure and family activities that make Dubai a one-of-a-kind summer destination.

Fatma Al Mulla, executive director of city branding at Brand Dubai, said: “The Summer Essentials guide, our fifth interactive summer guide launched as part of our latest #DubaiDestinations campaign, allows residents and visitors to experience a variety of venues from Brand Dubai’s ‘Proudly from Dubai’ network. These establishments feature some of Dubai’s most interesting restaurants, offering culinary dishes ranging from gourmet delicacies to creative coffee cocktails and sweet treats. Also featured are clothing shops, each offering unique clothing options for your summer wardrobe to help you up your fashion game during the season. Brand Dubai is implementing the #DubaiDestinations campaign in collaboration with various stakeholders and the creative media community.”

The first #DubaiDestinations summer guide lists 115 indoor destinations for children, while the second lists 40 top summer camps. The third guide lists the best summer destinations, including hotels and theme parks, while the fourth features a range of activities that can push your physical and creative boundaries. All guides are available in English and Arabic on Brand Dubai’s digital platforms, including the branddubai.ae website and Instagram account @branddubai.

Source: Dubai Media Office

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