MENA Attractions & Destinations Forum 2022 in Dubai

To help countries in the MENA region rethink their strategies and implement new plans to relaunch existing destinations and attractions in a safe and sustainable way after the pandemic recession, MENA Attractions & Destinations Forum 2022 will be held in Dubai, UAE on 28-29 September 2022 to look at upcoming culture and leisure projects and ways to boost the growth of the tourism sector.

The interactive forum will bring together over 300 international and regional stakeholders from key sectors, including governments, tourism agencies and consultancies, hotel chains, park owners and operators, museums, cultural and heritage authorities, technology and solutions providers, and investment institutions.

More than 50 million tourists visit the region each year, including several world heritage and religious sites, modern attractions and recreational areas.

The MENA region is experiencing a growing influx of tourists, which is boosting the number of attractions and recreational sites. However, some key challenges still prevent the region from realising the full potential of the industry, especially due to changing demographics, infrastructure, weather conditions and technological developments.

The forum will also focus on the development and rebranding of destinations targeting a diverse population, modern and innovative family entertainment and educational programmes to meet visitor demands, transforming cultural heritage sites into new attractions to meet the needs of diverse populations and using live entertainment to increase visitor numbers.

Participants will learn about the development of museums and heritage sites in the MENA region, how to stimulate innovation in theme parks and water parks, and learn about projects related to extreme sports and theme parks.

The packed two-day programme will include a number of sessions featuring speakers from organisations such as the World Tourism Association, ministries of tourism, ministries of culture and projects, entertainment project developers and others who will address key industry topics.

At the session on upgrading attractions and destinations in the region, experts will talk about expanding and upgrading existing sites and places to increase their capacity and attractiveness to tourists, how to turn temporary sites into permanent entertainment areas and understand the role of travel agents in attracting visitors to destinations in the region.

Speakers will also talk about improving the visitor experience to the region’s destinations and the role of eco-tourism in sustainable development projects.

The two-day event is organised and promoted by GM Events, a Dubai-based multidisciplinary event management company with an international reputation that has organised many successful forums and exhibitions for various industries in the MENA region.

Source: WAM

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