Future Heroes Summer Camp in the Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future launches its first Future Heroes Summer Camp, full of fun, educational and entertaining children’s programmes focusing on science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM).

The Future Heroes Summer Camp, which runs from 2-19 August 2022, offers a unique opportunity for the imagination, curiosity and creativity of the country’s young people over three exciting weeks.

At the Future Heroes summer camp, education experts and partners will deliver an extensive series of hands-on, game-based and educational programmes to help young minds grasp the basics of STEAM. The workshops will cover a deep collection of topics that include and revolve around space exploration, ecology, and happiness and well-being. Children will be able to immerse themselves in unique topics, including exploring the world of robotics and artificial intelligence alongside other topics to pique each child’s interest and satisfy their different preferences, such as coding and art.

From using artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify and classify bird species to exploring different types of art and mastering Minecraft, coding and understanding sustainability, there is something for everyone at the camp. This is in addition to interactive and immersive experiences at the Museum of the Future. Young pioneers will get to see the museum in a unique and exclusive way. Exploring the various themes of the museum in much greater depth will give them the opportunity to immerse themselves in all the technical aspects of the exhibits.

Registration for the camp is now open. Interested participants should register as soon as possible to ensure a place, as the number of tickets is limited. Tickets can be booked HERE

Each ticket includes four days of exciting activities, various STEAM workshops and a tour of the Museum of the Future. On each floor, children can use the exhibits they’ve visited as inspiration and relate them to the different themes on which their activities are based.

Fazaa and Esaad cardholders are entitled to offers and discounts at the Museum of the Future’s first summer camp. Parents or guardians should choose one of two age groups for their children: ages 6 to 9 or 10 to 13.

The Future Heroes summer camp is another feature that goes beyond the experience. It is an offshoot of the Museum of the Future programme with workshops, talks, seminars and a host of other programmes.

Source: WAM

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