Aviv Clinics targets healthy ageing sector

Dubai has added a new dimension to its world-class healthcare infrastructure with the recent opening of the revolutionary brain health and ageing facility Aviv Clinics.

Aviv Clinics in Dubai opened in April 2021 and already more than 1,000 people around the world have benefited from the unique treatment programme. The programme uses hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

“Aviv Clinics is ushering in a new era of science aimed at changing the way people think about the ageing process,” said Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, chairman and CEO of DP World, which brought the facility to Dubai.

“The UAE is changing its healthcare strategy by focusing on helping people live better lives, shifting from prioritising youth to longevity and healthy ageing. The emphasis is on healthy ageing and preserving the knowledge and wisdom of our older generation. To this end, the country continues to encourage innovators in the health sector to bring the latest technologies to the market,” Bin Sulayem added.

Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, chairman and CEO of DP World

With the growing elderly population and growing concerns about elderly care, the UAE is paving the way to change people’s attitudes towards the ageing process by raising the topic of healthy old age. Efforts include creating more elderly care facilities and longevity clinics, as well as attracting cutting-edge technology and investment in the sector.

In 2021, Dubai welcomed 630,000 international medical tourists, becoming the leading medical tourism destination in the region. These figures reflect the level of confidence in the UAE’s healthcare system, built on government support, robust regulation, infrastructure, data and analytics implementation, investment in partnerships and research, and the ability to attract the best human resources.

Deploying next-generation technology and innovation using state-of-the-art equipment from Germany, Australia and Israel, Aviv Clinics will help clients from the GCC and neighbouring regions gain access to the most advanced brain health and performance treatments to take proactive control of the aging process.

The 7,000 square metre Aviv Clinics medical centre is located in the Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) area of Dubai, with a dedicated team of doctors, neuropsychologists, physical activity, nutrition and aging specialists, as well as data processing specialists.

The unique treatment protocol has already demonstrated its potential to contribute to the UAE’s healthcare strategy, attracting clients from Saudi Arabia, the UK, Egypt, Thailand and the Philippines.

Aviv Clinics’ treatment programme includes a combination of the patented HBOT protocol, a non-drug, non-invasive method that involves giving patients 100% pure oxygen in a pressurised environment for an extended period of time, as well as cognitive and physical exercise and a personalised nutrition programme supervised by a dedicated team of medical professionals.

The programme is based on more than 15 years of accredited research examining the effects of HBOT on brain tissue regeneration.

The programme has proven its ability to treat age-related cognitive and physical decline and change people’s attitudes to the ageing process. Improvements in memory, concentration, thinking speed, concentration and other executive functions are just some of the benefits of the treatment.

Treatment can also reduce some of the biomarkers associated with the development of Alzheimer’s disease, and the deterioration of brain function caused by physical trauma or other medical conditions such as stroke, fibromyalgia and other conditions that cause damage to brain tissue.

Source: WAM

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