Li Dongxia

Li Dongxia inspired by Mohammed bin Rashid’s poetry

In the Grand Hall of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, the new cultural beacon of Dubai and the UAE, several Chinese citizens enjoyed the event where two girls played guzheng on a musical instrument while Li Dongxia, chairman of the World Overseas Chinese Calligraphers Association and chairman of the Chinese Qipao Association translated inspirational poetry by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Lee chose a poem which His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum began by saying, “Every morning in Africa, the deer wakes up and realises that it must race the fastest lions or it will be killed. It doesn’t matter if you are a deer, with sunrise every morning you must run faster than others to succeed.”

In a statement to the Emirates News Agency (WAM), Li Dongxia explained her history in Dubai since 2000 and why she chose the UAE as her second home after China, saying that through Chinese calligraphy and art, she highlights the deep-rooted relationship between the UAE and China and presents a good image of the Chinese people abroad through art.

“Dubai is an open cosmopolitan city that allows different nationalities and cultures to live in harmony and share experiences and innovations. We live in a great era that allows us to showcase our talent and gain the wisdom and courage needed to meet the challenges of the future,” she said.

Li Dongxia, a native of Xiao County in Anhui Province, stressed that she always strives to display traditional Chinese art on any occasion and highlight Chinese traditions and culture, adding that she has participated in the Qingming Chinese Desert Festival in Dubai as well as the Chinese Spring Festival among other events, noting that culture and art are not only a beautiful anthem, but also a tribute to the country’s development achievements.

Li affirmed that spreading and promoting Chinese culture abroad is a responsibility and commitment, calling her art a soft power, conveyed by the Jiangnan ink of the heritage of Yanhuang descendants on the backs of horses across thousands of miles from Changguan, to showcase a strong and optimistic image of mixed ideas and weave the most beautiful poetry for the Chinese community back home.

In various countries, including the UAE, many visitors to Chinese events feel they have returned to the era of Confucius and Meng, allowing viewers to experience the feelings and dreams of ancient sages, which explains the blending of tradition with modernity, she said in conclusion.

In recent years Li Dongxia has participated in a number of cultural events in the UAE and organised many events on Chinese-Arab cultural exchanges such as calligraphy, painting, socialising, exhibitions, recreational and cultural lectures etc.

As the chairman of the Global Association of Overseas Chinese Calligraphers, Li Dongxia has been teaching calligraphy to the local Chinese community for the past years. In 2017, she organised the ‘Global Overseas Chinese Dubai Cultural Flash Mob’ in front of the Burj Khalifa, which attracted over 1,000 overseas Chinese from 32 countries to Dubai. The event showcased Dubai’s inclusiveness and tolerance of other cultures as an arts and culture capital. In 2019, it also organised the Grand Exhibition of Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, which featured 500 high-end works of art, and 300 renowned artists from 77 countries collaborated to create a 100m long roll painting of a horse in the middle of the Dubai desert.

Li Dongxia has won several prizes for his personal calligraphy and painting works in China and more than 20 countries including 5 calligraphy works carved in stone in different provinces of China.

Li is the chairman of China Qipao Association, chairman of China Cultural Communication Center, chairman of UAE Chinese Calligraphy Association, director of CNY Gala Committee, honorary president of UAE Chinese Women Association, and honorary president of UAE Chinese Culture and Education Association.

Source: WAM

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