BuildingSMART International to open in Dubai

Dubai will be home to BuildingSMART International’s first branch in the Middle East and Africa region. The move highlights Dubai’s regional and international leadership in digital transformation and innovation in the building and infrastructure sector. BuildingSMART UAE, the organisation’s UAE chapter, is run by Dubai Municipality and aims to promote and support digital transformation in the UAE’s construction sector through the adoption and development of open standards.

BuildingSMART International is a non-profit organisation that aims to drive the digital transformation of the construction asset environment by creating and adopting open international standards for infrastructure and buildings. These standards help asset owners and supply chain businesses – owners, architects, engineers, contractors and operators – to work more efficiently and collaboratively throughout the project and asset lifecycle.

BuildingSMART International’s Dubai branch, to be established by the Municipality of Dubai, will join the company’s 21 branches around the world. The Municipality of Dubai is the government body responsible for overseeing the construction sector, issuing building permits, and monitoring and regulating facilities. BuildingSMART members are companies, government agencies and institutions from around the world that collaborate to develop common international standards for building information modelling.

BuildingSMART affiliates are local institutions that are also members of the organisation. These members share the vision and goals of supporting digital transformation in construction, adopting common BIM standards, and contributing to the development of these standards and dissemination of information.

The Dubai branch will support the digital transformation of the UAE’s construction sector in collaboration with public institutions and private companies in the country, sharing information and improving practices. It will also cooperate with specialized training institutions whose work is related to the design, construction and management of buildings and infrastructure. The branch will facilitate effective participation in the various working groups of BuildingSMART International, especially with regard to the development of building permit procedures, automated building code verification and digital twinning rules.

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