The Meister's Club

The Meister’s Club to be launched in Dubai

The Meister’s Club, an elite private club with a closed membership, will be launched in Dubai by the end of this year. The cost of membership will be US$42,000, but it will mean a real return on investment, according to the founders.

Privileges for members include trips on private jets to the Maldives, participation in yacht parties, supercar rides and ample networking opportunities. As a welcome gift, members will receive an exclusive NFT watch.

According to the club’s founder Riz Ahmed, the core of the club is based on a digital community. In this way, it will combine the possibilities of the Metaworld with the real needs of people. The club is expected to have as few as 500 members.

In December 2020, a branch of London’s famous The Arts Club opened its doors in Dubai. Originally founded by literary greats Charles Dickens and Anthony Trollope in 1863, The Arts Club became a meeting place for artistic and literary bohemians.

The Arts Club Dubai is spread over four floors and 65,000 sq ft of floor space. It features a rooftop terrace and three restaurants including a European brasserie, contemporary Italian restaurant and a club offering a dance floor and live music.

Private dining rooms, bars, a nightclub, cigar lounge, library and art exhibition galleries are also available to members. The Meister’s Club has four membership categories available: full membership, couples, youth (under 30) and international.

In Dubai, a special committee accepts applications for membership from people involved in art, music, literature, design, science, technology, healthy living, entrepreneurship, business, philanthropy, finance and fashion.
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