UAE identifies top causes of road accidents

The United Arab Emirates has identified the most common causes of road accidents – these include drivers feeling unwell due to dehydration, litter on highways that forces motorists to make sudden manoeuvres and a lack of vehicle maintenance during the summer heat.

A study by insurance company Tokio Marine and the RoadSafetyUAE initiative found that 50% of all accidents involved drivers between the ages of 30 and 40, with lunchtime and evening rush hour, when motorists are returning home from work, considered the most accident-prone hours.

Between July and September 2021, 15% of all accidents occurred between 6pm and 8pm, while 14% occurred between noon and 2pm. Meanwhile, the safest time in terms of accidents was during the night and morning hours (midnight to 08:00), accounting for 9% of accidents.

Earlier, the Dubai Police issued a warning to motorists and urged them not to take photos and videos of rain and dust storms while driving. Offenders using a mobile phone while driving will be fined AED 800 as well as 4 penalty points.

In addition, inattentive driving in low visibility conditions can provoke an accident. The police have urged all drivers to check their tyres, windscreen wipers and headlights before driving in unstable weather conditions and turn on dipped beam in low visibility conditions.

“Motorists should avoid sudden stops and lane changes without using turn signals. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles, wear seat belts, keep an eye on the traffic and refrain from using phones,” the police said.

Police urged drivers to watch out for large puddles and slow down on curves and wet roads. In addition, one should always check the weather forecast before embarking on a trip, and in a dust storm, do not take to the roads unnecessarily.

Source: The National

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