Dubai airport

Dubai Airport is back to normal operations

Dubai International Airport has resumed normal operations after two days of disruption, during which 44 flights were cancelled and another 12 were diverted to other air harbours.

Meanwhile, passengers departing Dubai this week are urged to keep an eye on flight schedules and the weather forecast. As a reminder, flights in Dubai airport were cancelled due to a severe sandstorm that hit Dubai last weekend.

Passengers whose flights were cancelled should seek clarification from their airlines. The air carriers have also apologised to passengers for the inconvenience caused. It is worth noting that Etihad Airways flights were not affected by the weather conditions.

Earlier, the National Meteorological Centre urged the UAE population to remain as vigilant as possible on the highways amid the dust storm, while police urged to refrain from taking photos and videos of the weather conditions while driving.

Dust storm in Dubai. Pawan Singh / The National

Dust, or sand, storms most often hit Arabia during the summer months or during the changing seasons, when rising temperatures cause strong winds. Sand contains silica crystals as well as viruses, bacteria, dust mites and fungi.

Scientists believe that dust storms not only exacerbate asthma attacks, they can even carry flu viruses and meningitis spores. Meteorologists and police are urging drivers to be extra vigilant at the wheel, as visibility on highways can drop as low as 100 metres in a dust storm. People with allergies and lung diseases are advised to stay indoors.

Source: The National

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