Submarine with “space” design created in UAE

HIghland Systems of the United Arab Emirates has created a prototype diesel-electric Kronos submarine whose design resembles a mock-up of a spaceship. The submarine is capable of carrying 10 passengers and one crew member.

Designed for covert operations, submarines have improved tremendously over the years. However, their basic design and shape remain more or less standard. With newer technologies such as electric engines and unmanned vehicles taking prominence, there is an opportunity to change submarines to be more fuel efficient and increase their stealth capabilities.

The submarine can be used for commercial and salvage purposes, as well as for combat operations. It is 9 metres long, 7.5 metres wide, 10 tonnes in weight and has a payload of three tonnes. The submarine is fitted with a diesel generator and electric motor and has a 54 hour range.

The submarine has a top speed of 80km/h underwater and up to 50km/h on the surface and is able to dive to depths of up to 250m. The boat can run for up to 36 hours on battery power. It has a spacious cabin, air conditioning and an adaptive lighting system. In combat conditions it can carry six torpedoes.

As previously reported, the world’s first hydrogen-powered flying boats THE JET will be produced in Dubai. They will be able to fly silently over water and reach cruising speeds of up to 40 knots. Innovatively designed to carry 8/12 passengers, the boats have twin engines and are air-conditioned. The height above water is 80 cm.

The first X-Pearl hydrogen-powered flying boat from SeaBubbles was unveiled at the Dubai International Boat Show in spring 2022. The new boat represents the future of green mobility, combining flight and sailing without waves, noise or emissions.
Source: Interesting Engineering

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